Meet Curro Villarreal Acavedo of Naturix – Fish farm

Meet Curro Villarreal Acavedo of Naturix – Fish farm

My name is Curro Villarreal Acavedo and I am the founding partner and CEO of Naturix Iniciativas S.L., which is the holding company for Naturix Aquiculture S.L. I am also a Spanish Crowdfunding Entrepreneur now that the Naturix campaign is live on FundedByMe! I am a technician in Marine Cultivation with a degree in Marine Sciences, and over 20 years of professional experience in this field, working in both the public and private sectors.

Spanish Crowdfunding Entrepreneur Curro Villarreal Acavedo of Naturix

I am passionate about my family, my work and human wellbeing. I want to do my part in making sure my children’s generation have access to healthier food than what we have today from intensive industrial food production which carries heavy levels of toxins and allergens and is very harmful to the environment. I want to be a driver in providing food security and environmental security which is under serious threat because of actions of mine and previous generations – we are indebted to the environment and future generations. This is why I am dedicating my work to what I know best, which is aquiculture, but creating an innovative and disruptive model which combines ecological aquiculture as a base to provide a sustainable multifunctional set of products and services. These are underpinned by organic fish cultivation, through to commercialisation of fish products, recreational fishing, eco-tourism, education and R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation). The vision is to offer healthy food and healthy lifestyles, and most importantly connecting people with the source of their food and their livelihood, which in my view is Mother Nature and those that ‘work the fields’.

Through recovery of abandoned aquiculture farms (of which there are almost 200 only in Spain), we hope to recover the inhabited rural areas, create local employment, recover the littoral zones, wetlands and river basins, and in this way attract more people and wealth to the countryside. Through education we can learn the importance of our diet to our wellbeing and the importance of a healthy environment and a just society – which is essential for our livelihood.

My dream is to bring the Naturix vision into the consciousness of as many people as possible and to also encourage similar sustainable business models to be adopted in other sectors. Obviously we are only one of the millions of others who are part of this growing environmental and social awakening.


How did the idea for your campaign come about? Describe what your campaign does.

Since 2006 we have made a great deal of effort to recover, renovate and equip the Valderrebollo aquatic farm in Guadalajarra – what was an abandoned conventional fish farm in the pristine historic cultural valley of the Tajuña river. However at that time there was no Organic certification and accreditation body in Spain. Through extensive policy effort working with local and national governments, by 2011 we achieved Organic certification for production and elaboration of aquatic products, in line with European Commission standards.

By the end of 2012 we had operationalized our elaboration hall – the first Organic certified aquaculture transformation & elaboration hall in the Iberian Peninsula. As there is no access to organic Trout eggs in Spain, we have had to import larvae from abroad – both costly and unsustainable and contrary to our philosophy to have a completely ‘local and closed cycle’ of production. As such we decided on the current Growth and Improvement project for 2014, which is to create our own hatchery. So in 2013 we ceased the culling and sale of our fish to ensure we can use them as reproducers to create our own hatchery.

As of today, in the onset of the first winter cold spell, our Trouts have fertilized eggs and we have collected thousands of organic eggs and these will be stored in hatchery batteries where they will transform to larvae and later move to our pools where they will grow into full-sized mature organic Trouts. So, for the first time we will be creating a fully closed production cycle ready to commercialise by September 2014. This is why we need the financial support to see us through this challenging transformation period.

Spanish Crowdfunding Entrepreneurial Team, led by Curro Villarreal Acavedo of Naturix

Why did you decide on crowdfunding? What about FundedByMe appealed to you?

I met Miguel Ángel Trujillo, the General Manager of FundedbyMe in Spain, through a common friend and very soon it became clear that this model for raising investment is very well suited to our ideals – that is to as much as possible avoid the centralised financial sector and work directly with people. This is in line with our food production focus to bring local food directly to consumers, by direct sale or through farmers or social markets, or specialised stores. Ideally we envisage our investors also being our consumers and that would create the perfect synergy to invest in what one consumes, creating a highly efficient channel to market – this is why we would for example offer special access prices to our investors. Clearly, FundedbyMe is has a very interesting international outlook with a wide and fast growing membership base which is in line with our Global and multi-cultural vision.


Talk us through your campaign on FundedByMe – what are you planning on doing to maximize the exposure and ensure success? What can our readers look forward to seeing from your campaign?

We are using the typical channels of communication such as traditional media and new media, social networks etc. to bring awareness of our project. We are also speaking to a number of specific investors who are interested in our business model and we are also going to encourage them to invest part of their fund through the Crowdfunding channel in order to participate in this social community based approach. They will also save on red-tape and commissions typical of most traditional investment channels. We expect that by the end of January the campaign will take good pace and we expect to reach the 30-40% target, by which type we invite the more risk averse individuals to look at joining the investment drive.


Why should our readers get involved in your campaign?

There is ample evidence and publications on the growth of Aquiculture worldwide, compared with its relative low adoption in Europe, especially low in Spain. This fact is echoed by recent policies coming down from the European Commission through to regional governments which are providing up to 80% grants (in the form of non-reimbursable subsidies!) for investment in this sector – through the new Common Fisheries Policy. Indeed we are certainly making use of these subsidies, which is also a great opportunity for investors to leverage this injection of capital by only putting up 20% of what is required for our expansion. There is no doubt that in the next few years aquaculture, and specifically ecological organic aquaculture, will be a major source of food production in Europe. In fact the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN considers this to be an essential way forward to achieve food security in a world with fast growing population that is environmentally challenged, especially because of Climate Change. Worldwide at present aquaculture human food supply has reached the same level (by tonnage) as all aquatic organism caught from the wild!

View the Naturix campaign on FundedByMe here.

Crowdfunding Christmas Wishes

Crowdfunding Christmas Wishes

FundedByMe Crowdfunding Christmas 2013


Thank you for a magnificent 2013 in which you have helped us grow in ways that we could never have dreamed of. One year ago there were three employees at FundedByMe and a part-time office in Finland, in addition to Stockholm. Today we span the width of Europe and have a dedicated – and fantastic – team of international experts who are working hard to make the dreams of entrepreneurs come true. Your passion and energy is what fuels us. To all the thousands of new crowdfunding investors that have taken the leap and invested via our platform this year, we salute you for being early adopters and for having the foresight to know a good thing when you see it.

We look forward to continuing along this path with all of you in 2014 and wish you a wonderful crowdfunding Christmas!

Merry Crowdfunding Christmas / God Jul / Frohe Weinachten / Geseënde Kersfees / Hyvää Joulua / ¡Feliz Navidad / Glædelig Jul / Buon Natale…

From the global FundedByMe team

Meet Jesús Santos, Crowdfunding CEO at Brokerstars

Meet Jesús Santos, Crowdfunding CEO at Brokerstars

Jesús Santos Crowdfunding CEO at Brokerstars

Introduce yourself – what is your background, what are you passionate about and what are your hopes and dreams?

I’m a serial entrepreneur in computing and Internet companies including, euskocenter (ecommerce & ebusiness) or Netizar, and lately my new passion is as Crowdfunding CEO for the gaming company Brokerstars and its Financial Social Games products. After working in the computing business for small and large companies in Spain for the past almost 30 years, I understand that tech projects have huge challenges. It’s necessary to educate people and give them easy and safe tools to run their tasks.


How did the idea for your campaign come about? Describe what Brokerstars does.

Brokerstars is a social gaming company, so we help regular people discover and enjoy financial markets. Our crowdfunding campaign will focus on our Financial Social Games – we’ll publish some simple games on social networks: Twitter, Facebook, etc, but making Market information “playable” is not an easy question, it’s not only a technological challenge, instead it’s a necessary to know how and what make people play. The answer is our own dream team: Edu designing games, Jaime working the financials, and Susana, Gorka & Keldor developing games and operating the game servers.

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-11 a la(s) 00.36.27

Why did you decide on crowdfunding? What about FundedByMe appealed to you?

In games we see the natural way to learn and to acquire new skills. Equity crowdfunding is a kind of serious game in which regular people can be part of a project by making small investments. Since our inception we figured that a game buying company’s real shares and simulating the stockmarket would be easy. It was not so simple, but in the FundedByMe platform we have made it real. We found the necessary control to offer warrants to the crowdfunders.


Talk us through your campaign on FundedByMe – what are you planning on doing to maximize the exposure and ensure success? What can our readers look forward to seeing from your campaign?

Financial Social Games will be all over Twitter and Facebook! Our team believes in games as a way to excite people about the concepts of gaming – and getting them to love Brokerstars. All the crowdfunders at FundedByMe are going to be part of our company and also will be free players of Brokerstars games. They will receive 1,000 Brollars (Virtual Coins) for free, and while playing they can win €10 discount coupons and other rewards – it is easy to win prizes on Brokerstars.


Why should our readers get involved in your campaign?

Banking and Markets concerns us all equally in the world. No matter where you are from or where you live. Like Fashion and clothing, we all use them every day. Economic movement affects us in our daily life. However, most people don’t have any skill on financials, they are not familiarized with the Stockmarket, but they need it. Crowdfunders, participating at Brokerstars, will help us educate regular people about a new and comprehensive playable way to gain skills and enable everyone to understand some banking products and Markets movements. Free Financial Social Games is a way to empower people about financials.

Jesús Santos Crowdfunding CEO at Brokerstars

Which success story on FundedByMe has inspired you most? Why?

The FundedByMe platform offers exciting projects. Some of them focusing on lifestyle and sustainability are really inspiring business for us. But we were looking at the FundedByMe project itself, the way the company started, the tools they proposed and how they found initial investments. We have a similar vision. We propose tools for regular people, to create, to run ideas and find knowledge. Financials are very important in our modern lifestyle. New organizations and tools are necessary to understand the world around us, to improve creating value and to empower people.


View the Brokerstars campaign on FundedByMe here.

Spain’s Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs – Ángel María Herrera & Bettina Gallego Tolkmitt

Spain’s Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs – Ángel María Herrera & Bettina Gallego Tolkmitt

We have the distinct pleasure of currently hosting one of Spain’s leading entrepreneurs on FundedByMe during his Equity crowdfunding campaign for Samastah, a platform that provides integral solutions for finding personal balance. We caught up with Ángel María Herrera and his business partner Bettina Gallego Tolkmitt to find out more about their crowdfunding aspirations.

Ángel María Herrera on FundedByMe

Introduce yourselves – what are your backgrounds, what are you passionate about and what are your hopes and dreams?

Ángel María Herrera – Founder: I am a serial entrepreneur, and a former consultant with a background in technology, setting up businesses such as Medios y Redes, Influenzia or Bubok, the online publishing platform. As co-founder of Fundación Iniciador, I am dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. Additionally I am a father, a techie, a storyteller and a pioneer in differential technological development at the service of personal dreams.

Bettina Gallego Tolkmitt – Founder: I am inspirational and polifacetic, a former investment fund manager with background in business administration, having worked for over 14 years in the financial sector in New York, London and Madrid (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Inversis Banco, holding an MBA from The Wharton School). I initiated my own adventure as a coach (NLP Academy formed by John Grinder), speaker, yoga teacher (Sivananda), and business angel of entrepreneurs. My passion is to learn and contribute to development.
How did the idea for your campaign come about? Describe what Samastah does.
Ángel María Herrera: It all began the day I suffered an accident that changed my life. After that moment, I decided to live a life focused on what is really important and what matters. I then initiated a journey towards personal balance, inspired by great teachers and professionals. I had the vision to integrate my passion for technology and entrepreneurship with the quest for personal growth. In that exact moment, the seed of the idea of SAMASTAH got sowed.
Bettina Gallego: After a successful career for 14 years at investment banks in New York, London and Madrid, I felt a strong urge to find the purpose behind existence. In parallel to my former work as a fund manager, I started searching for meaning 10 years ago – a journey that would radically transform my life.

We both share this journey from success to significance. For us Samastah has become a way to give back part of all the gifts we’ve received in life, and an opportunity to help and contribute to the balance and happiness of others, following the inspiration of this ancestral invocation:
The vision is to become a world-wide reference for self-balance. The first venture will be an online game. The game is a transforming adventure of personal discovery towards a better version of you. It identifies abilities, passions and specific needs for each user, but as well possible areas in need of improvement.
The innovation lies in combining strengths of main players, by offering an integral solution addressing balance of body, mind & spirit, plus a focus on gamification that adds a new fun learning experience to it all.

Why did you decide on crowdfunding? What about FundedByMe appealed to you?
We decided on Crowdfunding because we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to be able to participate in funding an idea as universal and as social as Samastah. Crowdfunding is directly related with the spirit of Samastah – that of wanting to build up a community and share a dream. Also, crowdfunding helps to communicate the Samastah project to the world while helping us to gather future participants in the Game. We loved the idea of FundedByMe, specially the offer of a European network and being a fast-growing platform, and important was also for us that we share the same values.

Talk us through your campaign on FundedByMe – what are you planning on doing to maximize the exposure and ensure success? What can our readers look forward to seeing from your campaign?
In general, campaigns are challenging and exciting at the same time, there are moments of truth…we offer our complete focus on the existing campaign: expertise, network and communication via all possible media channels. Everybody who participates with equity crowdfunding in Samastah can be part of an ever-growing community of people wanting to live more accordingly with who they really are, learn to be in balance and feel more harmony and happiness, being then ready to help others and contribute to increased global balance and happiness.

Why should our readers get involved in your campaign?
Maybe you think you could be more fit or…eat healthier…improve your intellectual skills…control your emotions…heal your relationships…boost your self esteem…sleep like a baby…lower your stress levels…improve your love life…have a more exciting life?

We are collecting the most effective tools and wisdom from top notch experts on matters of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. We add a big dose of artificial intelligence, neuropsychology and state of the art technology and then deliver it to you, in a fun and accessible way.

Which success story on FundedByMe has inspired you most? Why?
We like several campaigns, but our favourite has to be Finnish Beibamboo, a brand that helps hospitalized children to recover faster (and saves staff time and the cost of hospital equipment). We like it because of its social contribution.

FundedByMe Partner – Johan Tydén from Bird and Bird

FundedByMe Partner – Johan Tydén from Bird and Bird

A company operating in as many territories as FundedByMe needs excellent legal council and we have been fortunate enough to find just that in our legal partner, Bird and Bird. I caught up with Partner Johan Tydén recently:
Johan Tydén - Bird and Bird
Introduce your brand – what makes your brand unique and relevant to the FundedByMe audience?
Bird and Bird is a law firm with a focus on what we call emerging companies, i.e. early stage companies with a clear strategy to grow. We have the competence, the experience and the PASSION about supporting these companies as long term partners, not only in Sweden but also on an international basis, as we do for FundedByMe.

What is your background, passions and ‘day job’?
My name is Johan Tydén and I have spent most of my career working with international technology companies. I was heading the legal support to Ericsson’s mobile business in the late 80’s to 2000 when the business grew from 1 billion SEK to a 100 billion SEK business, which of course was an extremely interesting period. Since 2000, I have been partner at Bird and Bird, primarily focusing on technology companies and in particular on emerging companies with an ambitious strategy of growth. To work with emerging companies and act as a proactive advisor during their journies to success, in Sweden and internationally, is fascinating and extremely rewarding.

How did your brand first get familiar with crowdfunding and why does it appeal to you?
We were introduced to Daniel at FundedByMe in connection with the SIME event last year. As we had experienced, very concretely, that one of the most challenging parts of the evolution of a start-up company is the funding and we were fascinated by this alternative way of funding. Furthermore I was amazed of how the funding and entrance of a larger number of investors could constitute a part of the company’s marketing and branding strategies. We were, of course, further thrilled by the scalability of the business model to an international environment.

Describe the scope of the partnership you have entered into with FundedByMe? What made you want to get involved?
As always when you meet entrepreneurs, you try to evaluate the business case but perhaps even more importantly, the entrepreneurs behind the idea. We felt that if we could in any way participate and hopefully contribute to FundedByMe’s development, it would be fantastic. Further, we identified it as an excellent opportunity for Bird and Bird to come closer to interesting companies and entrepreneurs and hopefully be able to follow them as well in the future. We have since April this year been FundedByMe’s preferred law firm and have provided advise in more than 10 countries to the ever-expanding team.

What do you expect to get out of this partnership on the long run?
We hope to be able to follow FundedByMe in its expansion and to have the opportunity to actively participate in the brand’s crowdfunding activities, with entrepreneurs and investors, in each local market. This may create good business, valuable branding and certainly be great fun.

What is the most important tip you’d give investors and entrepreneurs who are considering crowdfunding as a way to fund their businesses or ideas?
From the entrepreneur’s side, I think it is important to set an agenda for the crowdfunding process, both short term and longer term. Why are we doing this? (i) Attract capital (ii) create brand awareness or (iii) access a marketing network or (iv) a combination of all three. Evaluate the possible negative features, for example the complexity with a larger number of investors. From the investor’s side, the flip side on the coin. Why? (i) Pure investment (ii) part of social entrepreneurship or (iii) promotion of a product/service.

Are there any current campaigns on FundedByMe that you have your eyes on?
I love the Reward-based campaign “Get Mathias to Brussels” and actively followed the Equity Campaign “Eggs Inc. Sweden AB”. These are two good examples of the diversity of the campaigns and two brands that probably would be difficult to fund outside the realm of crowdfunding.

Vote for the 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year!

Vote for the 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year!

2013 FundedByMe Investor of the YearThe shortlist is in and it is now time for you to vote for the 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year! The internal team have all nominated their finalists and now we need your help to pick the winner. We are looking to select someone who has invested in at least one campaign on FundedByMe, became involved in ways that helped the entrepreneurs beyond a simple investment, helped to spread the word about crowdfunding – and FundedByMe – and has inspired others to get crowdfunding through their actions.

Below are the list of our five finalists. Now it’s up to you!

FundedByMe Investor of the Year 2013

Alf Rehn - 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year finalist Alf Rehn (Finland)
Alf has invested in Beibamboo.
Javier Latorre - 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year finalist Javier Latorre (Spain)
Javier has invested in Eggs IncSamastahNaturix & Kippy.
Jarrko Huttu - 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year finalist Jarkko Huttu (Finland)
Jarkko has invested in ElinnovationPostifyOn The FleaSellanAppNerdy By Nerds Jeans, Eggs Inc, BeibambooGlobal Talent, Lastu and
Anette Nordvall - 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year finalist Anette Nordvall (Sweden)
Anette has invested in FundedByMe (of course), ElinnovationNerdy by Nerds JeansPostifyEggs Inc and Beibamboo.
Matti Vanhanen - 2013 FundedByMe Investor of the Year finalist Matti Vanhanen (Finland)
This former Prime Minister of Finland has invested in Beibamboo.

FundedByMe Investor of the Year 2013

The new FundedByMe brand – an interview with Stormfors

The new FundedByMe brand – an interview with Stormfors

In July 2013 the FundedByMe team selected one of Stockholm’s leading digital design agencies, Stormfors, to help us recreate the FundedByMe brand. The result is launched today – barely five months later! Stormfors helped us to merge the Reward-based and Equity platforms, offering investors and entrepreneurs a better browsing, uploading and supporting experience. Additionally, we have unified our brand, sharpened our logo and rolled out the same brand look and feel across all our platforms. I caught up with Stormfors co-founder Petter Plöjel to get his take on the new FundedByMe brand.

Petter Plojel Stormfors

Introduce us to Stormfors – what makes your brand unique and relevant to the FundedByMe audience? 

Stormfors is a Digital Agency that challenges the way companies communicate today. We are in the midst of a complete social transformation and the entire industry of communication has been flipped on its head. Information and dialog (the web) is now central in company communication and attention (advertising) has become a subordinate service.

That’s why we believe the overall communication strategy should come from digital agencies and that’s why we are rebuilding the entire value chain of the agency industry. With the powerful combo of strategy and digital communication we help clients like Neonode, Ericsson and Centuri challenge the competition and become globally successful brands.

Stormfors logo

Introduce yourself – what is your background, passions and ‘day job’?

I’m Petter, (pronounced like better but with a P 😉 ) and I started out studying design and communication strategy in Copenhagen. Since my graduation I have founded three companies within the communication business, the most recent being Stormfors, which I co-founded with Fredric Örup and Eric Langenskiöld in 2010. My passion is bringing change through innovative communication and at Stormfors I’m responsible for the strategy and design areas.

The Stormfors team behind the FundedByMe project included Fredric Örup, Petter Plöjel, Felix Winqvist and Fabian Rios.

Stormfors Team

How did you first get familiar with FundedByMe and why does FundedByMe and crowdfunding appeal to you?

We went to a lot of entrepreneur meetups where we first heard of FundedByMe in 2011. Being big fans of the change that crowdfunding brings to the entrepreneurial scene, we instantly liked the FundedByMe concept and especially their will to change the market even more by making equity crowdfunding available to everyday individuals.

A great thing about crowdfunding (in comparison to VC/Angel funding) is that the primary target groups (innovators/early adopters) evaluate your ideas on the spot when deciding whether to back your campaign or not.


Describe the scope of the brief you received from FundedByMe? What were the biggest challenges?

We really enjoy complex communication challenges and the one we got from FundedByMe was a proper whale of a challenge! It really tested the best in our skills.

The overall goal was to unite the two platforms (Equity and Reward-based) into one with a common structure and navigation flow that felt intuitive – to both entrepreneurs and investors. To manifest the evolutionary change and ensure brand consistency we created a new unitary graphic profile and web design that reflect the vision, market position and core values of FundedByMe.


How did you set about fixing these challenges? Describe the design process.

We worked really close with the FundedByMe team in workshops to fully grasp what they wanted to achieve and to truly understand the challenges involved with their business model and services. The first part of the design process consisted of creating the structure and navigation flow. We laid out all parts of the two platforms on our largest table (it’s huge) and started to strip, consolidate and develop the functions and contents. Then we let the two main target groups test the different solutions we’ve come up with to help us identify the right one.

The second part of the design process was creating the graphic profile and web design. This work is all about transforming the idea and feeling of the brand into a tangible design – crossing the chasm between abstract and concrete. The process is fully electrochemical and takes place in the brain of our ultra skilled designer Felix.


What does the new FundedByMe brand embody? What does it communicate?

FundedByMe as an organisation – and thus brand – is very much vibrant and alive. At the same time it must convey trust and growth because as a crowdfunding platform the brand is responsible for thoughts and emotions around money, ideas and dreams. So one of the goals of the design solution was to communicate these, almost opposite, values.

In the project presentation details we wanted to create a feeling of value and credibility so we used patterns to deliver a subtle feeling of old bonds and cheques.

FundedByMe Logo

How do you feel about the final result?

The process in itself was a trip. In the beginning it’s pure joy and dedication to understanding everything. After that there’s a phase where after deep diving into the challenges you tear your hair out and everything appears disturbingly chaotic…and that’s when it all starts taking shape and you come out on the other side with an idea of a possible solution. Great fun!

So now we are really excited to see the KPIs and how much impact the new platform and design solution have on conversions like projects and investments relative to the number of visitors.

Eggs Inc – the story behind this Equity Crowdfunding success

Eggs Inc – the story behind this Equity Crowdfunding success

Dan Lorentzon - Eggs Inc.


Eggs Inc. recently closed their Equity Crowdfunding success story on FundedByMe, reaching 47% of their total funding goal – enough to get this healthy fast-food alternative up and running. We caught up with Dan Lorentzon from Eggs Inc to find out what they loved about running their crowdfunding campaign, what crowdfunding challenges they ran into and what’s next for Eggs Inc and its 82 new crowd investors.

Eggs Inc Equity Crowdfunding success

Introduce yourself – what is your background, what are you passionate about and what are your hopes and dreams?

I have worked in advertising, as a copywriter, for almost thirty years. And everyone who has been in the business knows that the best jobs never got published – mostly because the client didn’t understand the greatness in what he or she had seen. This is why I want my own brand. Now I get to do what I think is best and I have no one to blame if I fail. And Eggs Inc. will be an Equity Crowdfunding success!


How did the idea for your campaign come about? Describe what your campaign does.

If you work in an advertising agency (or probably any kind of office) you are likely to have breakfast brought there every now and then. In Sweden that means sandwiches, always. But if you try to avoid carbohydrates, which about half the Swedish population does, that’s impossible. Because you can’t buy anything else than sandwiches anywhere. And when it’s time for lunch on the town it’s the same thing. If you don’t like a salad you have to skip the pasta, the potatoes, the rice…

I love eggs in all forms and eggs would be perfect for my breakfast or lunch. And I am not alone to think like this. So we will be the first fast food chain totally focusing on egg dishes.

But the road from idea to reality is a long one and for a copywriter who can’t cook or has a clue on how to run a restaurant that could be a problem. The answer was my own dream team of three highly qualified guys with different skills. Kent has 18,000 hens that lay a lot of ecological eggs, Fredrik works with revenue management and knows everything about making restaurants profitable and Andreas was awarded Chef of the Year in 2002 in Sweden. So this will happen!


Why did you decide on crowdfunding? What about FundedByMe appealed to you?

I saw Dragon’s Den on TV. I saw the tough venture capitalists persuade the entrepreneurs to sell their dreams and tell them how to run their business, just to make a fast profit. Maybe they did okay anyway but that’s not how we want to do it. We want to make all the decisions and build our brand in the time it takes.

In crowdfunding you invest most of all with your heart. You see a good idea and you want to help make it happen. If you eventually get rich that’s nice but it’s usually not the main motivation for getting involved. Like I did when I invested in Nerdy by Nerds Jeans.


Talk us through your campaign on FundedByMe – what were some of the highlights and what activities did you do to help ensure that your campaign was successful?

The team at FBM was very helpful and very fast to assist us whenever we had questions. Since no one had ever heard of crowdfunding, this backup was very important to get us started. 

Besides producing an interesting presentation our best action was an offer to our investors. All of them, regardless of how much they invested, will get 12 free meals for 2 persons. So if someone invested SEK 1,000 and buy 24 of our SEK 75 meals they will get SEK 1,800 worth of food. And we get a lot of new guests! So it’s win-win for us and our investors.


What was the best part about running a campaign on FundedByMe?

The absolute highlight is the fact that so many people saw us in such a short time. FundedByMe is a new phenomenon in Sweden, but they gave us more traffic than we could ever dream of and eventually 83 new partners/ambassadors. That impressed us.


And what was a challenge about running a campaign on FundedByMe?

That we didn’t know what to expect or who we actually were talking to. I think my background from advertising made it a little easier for us but since we hadn’t heard of crowdfunding before it was definitely a challenge. And a response rate of around 10% is extremely good where I come from.


Would you recommend other entrepreneurs to consider crowdfunding – and FundedByMe – for their financing needs? Why? Any tips or advice to those considering it?

I would definitely recommend it. But I would also strongly recommend that the idea you try to get funded must be a good one. Remember that your investors are buying with their hearts, so if you want to open a grocery store there might be better ways to get funding.


Now that your crowdfunding campaign has closed, what’s next?

Our concept is ready to be launched and the only obstacle right now is finding the address. We need a place to open in the centre of Stockholm. So if you know of any vacancies…Get in touch!

Eggs Inc Equity Crowdfunding success

Entrepreneur tips – Building a crowdfunding campaign

Entrepreneur tips – Building a crowdfunding campaign

Over the coming days we are going to share a number of tips to help all FundedByMe entrepreneurs in building a crowdfunding campaign – inspired by this great list compiled by Indiegogo. We’ve added our own European-focused sources and will continue to grow this list as a resource for all crowdfunding entrepreneurs. If you have any tips that can help others who are just starting on the journey of building a crowdfunding campaign, please leave a comment and we will ensure it gets added to this list!

Building a crowdfunding campaign

These tools are helpful for building your crowdfunding campaign and will ensure that you have the marketing power to bring your campaign to a successful close!

Campaign Video

Video Hosting


The blog hosts below can be a great supplement to your communications strategy given their large communities of bloggers, which you can tap into and engage with — spreading your campaign beyond your network.

Landing pages:

If your idea does not yet have its own website, create a simple landing page from which you can capture supporters’ email addresses or share your contact information. Use any of the following free options.

Social Media:

  • Facebook Pages — Creating a Facebook Page for your campaign is a great way to engage your backers and investors and spread the word about your campaign via social media. It also creates the perfect platform from which to share updates about your campaign and share event information with your fans.
  • Google+ — Creating a Google+ Page for your campaign can help with your Google rankings and also targets a different audience than Facebook.
  • Twitter — There is a huge conversation about #crowdunding on Twitter — as well as others that might have relevance to your particular campaign. Whether you start a handle for your campaign or your own personal one, getting involved in this conversation can bring a big boost to your campaign. Check out some of their best practices.
  • Pinterest — A great place to get involved in the conversation around the topic(s) of your campaign — as well as a place to share pictures relevant to your campaign.
  • Instagram — Picture sharing is the name of the game on Instagram. Campaigners have used it for everything from sharing pictures of perks to snapshots of their campaign page. Make sure to use hashtags like #crowdfunding or #FundedByMe and include a link to your campaign when you post!
  • LinkedIn – Reach a professional crowd using LinkedIn – and if you don’t have an account here yet, create one. It helps a ton with credibility and in building trust and quality.

Shortened Links — When sharing a link to your campaign in social media, save space by shortening the link.

  • Bit-ly — Bitly’s tracking tools to see how many clicks you’re getting and from where. You can easily edit the link you end up with too to make it memorable.
  • – Similar to, you can easily shorten and share your url.
  • – Another great free offering from Google.
  • TinyURL – One of the more well-known url shortener services.

Music Sharing

These are great ways of sharing your music with potential contributors and also of finding free – or affordable – music to add to your campaign video

Photo Editing

  • Fotoflexer – Edit photos using this free and user-friendly platform


An Infographic is a great way of illustrating elements of your campaign.


  • Slideshare — A good way to share your campaign presentation with the social community of Slideshare.

If You Need an Extra Hand – Virtual Assistants

So what are you waiting for? Get started with building a crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe today. And if you have any additional resources that we should add to this list, please leave us a comment!

Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Tip of the Day – Blogger Outreach

Crowdfunding Tip blogger outreach by Kristen Matthews

Have you identified a list of bloggers that would be interested in what it is that your campaign is all about? You really should. Blogs are a great way of accessing people with similar interests to yours. Start by doing a Google search using “Blogs + a key word that relates to your industry” and you will be surprised at what you discover! Remember that bloggers are people like you…so when you approach them to talk about your campaign on FundedByMe, keep your email personal, short and informative.

Remember to include the following:

– Your elevator pitch, explaining what your brand does

– Add a good photo that would entice them to share it with their readers

– If you have a video, include a link to that

– Add a link to your campaign on FundedByMe

It’s okay to ask them to help you share awareness around your project! If you’re nice enough, most bloggers will be happy to help. But never spam a blogger! If they don’t reply, accept it and move on to another. Good luck!

What is your top crowdfunding tip? Why not share it with us in the comments? Also, read this great article by Kristen Matthews about blogger outreach.