In the News: The Swedish business that everyone’s talking about

Daniel Daboczy & Arno Smit - co-founders of FundedByMe

Svenska företaget – som alla pratar om

”Vi vill bli störst i hela Europa” Sajten FundedByMe erbjuder varje svensk bli affärsängel och delägare i ett företag. Mannen bakom succésajten är konstvetaren Daniel Daboczy och medgrundaren Arno Smit.

Vi siktar på 500 000 medlemmar, säger han.

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Swedish business that everyone is talking about

“We aim to be the biggest in all of Europe” The site FundedByMe invites every Swede to become an angel investor and own shares in the latest hot business. The men behind this success story are curator Daniel Daboczy and co-founder Arno Smit.

We have our sites on 500,00 members, they say.

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In the News: Nerdy by Nerds: A ShopFactory Concept – Denimhunters

Nerdy by Nerds Jeans on FundedByMe crowdfunding platform

Hand made jeans sewn right before your eyes in a ShopFactory. That’s the concept of Malmö-based Nerdy by Nerds. With a stabile business plan and a great deal of commitment the three friends who coined the concept in the fall of 2011 only needed a little help finding the funds to realise their idea. This is why they submitted the Nerdy by Nerds project to FundedByMe to find people who are willing to invest in helping them establish their ShopFactory. And this fall the concept will become reality.

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Crowdsourcing article – Kickstarter and FundedByMe

I remember the first time I sat in front of a computer with an internet connection. Even now I am occasionally caught off guard by the same feeling. What should I look for, what’s out there!? The web is huge and development incredibly fast. A good way to get an indication of what is happening now, what both ordinary mortals to pure inventor doing is via two fantastic sites: Kickstarter and FundedByMe Equity. What do they do and what is crowdsourcing?

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Crowdsourcing Kickstarter and FundedByMe

Jag minns första gången jag satte framför en dator med uppkoppling. Även nu kan jag stundvis överrumplas av samma känsla. Vad ska jag söka efter, vad finns där ute!? Webben är enorm och utvecklingen otroligt snabb. Ett bra sätt att få en fingervisning om vad som sker just nu, vad både vanliga dödliga till renodlade uppfinnare håller på med är via två fantastiska sajter: Kickstarter och Funded By Me EquityVad gör de och vad är crowdsourcing?

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FundedByMe named one of the hottest Swedish Startups

FundedByMe named one of the hottest Swedish Startups

Swedish weekly publication, Veckans Affärrer, has just released their top 24 list of Swedish startups and we are thrilled to be included!

FundedByMe's write up as one of the Top 24 Swedish startups for Veckans AffärerRoughly translated, this article says:

A startup from 2011 that is already in version 2.0. Founder Daniel Daboczy has a background in the art world and lacked the ability to fund cultural and entrepreneurial projects with small sums from many. One famous project is hamburger bar Flippin’ Burgers who sold burger gift cards while the restaurant concept was developed. Now, the business is giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise equity capital from business angels.


Swedish Startup Sessions: Crowdfunding with FundedbyMe

Crowdfunding is one hot item right now through out the world after the success of Kickstarter in the US and President Obama recently signing new legislation making crowdfunding of companies easier. In Northern Europe, Swedish FundedByMe is the main crowdfunding platform with a multitude of projects, many of them cultural. But the company also aims for company funding through their new equity funding program. Watch an interview with CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy on crowdfunding, startup funding and the Swedish startup climate.