FundedByMe pitching to ‘sharks’ at Bloomberg in London

We’ve just returned from a trip to London where Daniel and I attended a pitching event to British investors, hosted by Bloomberg in London. It was fascinating to be on the ‘other’ side of the pitching table. We’re usually helping companies present the best side of themselves in order to appeal to potential crowd investors and this time it was FundedByMe under the ‘shark’ spotlight!

David Brüdo from Remente and Daniel Daboczy at Bloomberg in London
David Brüdo from Remente and Daniel Daboczy at Bloomberg in London

Daniel wore his custom-made Nerdy By Nerds Jeans as well as his crowdfunded Mod & Rocker boots and the investors in the room got to see the power of the crowd first-hand. He spoke passionately about our mission to help the everyday investor on the street know about the next big thing in business and we had an incredible response afterwards during the cocktail networking event.

Daniel Daboczy showing off his crowdfunded Nerdy by Nerds Jeans and boots

The other companies pitching to the sharks were also amazing – Remente, VideofyMe and Dramatify, amongst others. It was great to be able to represent the best that Sweden has to offer to British investors – a huge thank you to all involved in getting FundedByMe in front of these sharks!

Speaking at the Stockholm Stock Exchange

Daniel Daboczy speaking at Stockholm stock exchangeYesterday our CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy spoke to a crowd of about 60 finance specialists at the old Stockholm Stock Exchange in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town.

During his presentation Daniel addressed crowdfunding as the future of investments and funding for both entrepreneurs and investors and shared some of the FundedByMe success stories – both for classic crowdfunding as well as equity crowdfunding, our most recently added service.

He did a stellar job of convincing the investors in the room to consider this modern type of funding to help stimulate the economy and be part of the next big thing and, once again, proved why FundedByMe is Europe’s fastest-growing crowd investment platform where investors and entrepreneurs meet.

Swedish Startup Sessions: Crowdfunding with FundedbyMe

Crowdfunding is one hot item right now through out the world after the success of Kickstarter in the US and President Obama recently signing new legislation making crowdfunding of companies easier. In Northern Europe, Swedish FundedByMe is the main crowdfunding platform with a multitude of projects, many of them cultural. But the company also aims for company funding through their new equity funding program. Watch an interview with CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy on crowdfunding, startup funding and the Swedish startup climate.