Introducing: The world’s first crowdfunded boots!

This morning I received an unexpected visitor in the form of FundedByMe entrepreneur Börje Persson. He had a special delivery for me – my very own crowdfunded boots by Mod & Rocker! What’s more is that Börje showed up with my delivery more than a month earlier than expected!

Mod & Rocker crowdfunded boots

This is further proof that crowdfunding works!

Certain people tend to say that crowdfunded projects don’t deliver in time – or at all – and they love pointing out that this is one of the problems with crowdfunding.

I am so happy to say that Mod & Rocker proves all the crowdfunding naysayers wrong! So proud and walking tall in my new shoes.

View the full project on FundedByMe here.

One thought on “Introducing: The world’s first crowdfunded boots!

  • May 27, 2013 at 09:15

    AS this worked so well,
    We will now take a small step forward and launch the next shoe projekt.
    We will start to manufacture and offer the worlds first “crowdfunded” shoe!
    We will offer a Black English brouge dress shoe with a selection of soles according to customer specification.

    We will take the next step forward!

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