Crowdfunding rewards – What’s in it for me?

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on rewards for crowdfunding campaigns: crowdfunding rewards

Your reward perks make or break your campaign. If your reward perks are not well-planned, you will lose the interest of potential backers. You might have a convincing video and a well crafted pitch, but it’s the reward perks that sweeten and close the deal.

We wish to make-believe that our community browses them daily to find crowdfunding projects to fund. The inconvenient truth is that most people are naturally self serving, and they are actually thinking: “What’s in it for me?”

That is why when you decide on your reward perks, you’ll have to think in the shoes of the backers. Also, this is the time to be creative, and offer your backers rewards beside the core product or service offering.

Some examples of popular ‘What’s in it for me’ perks are:

Tangible perks:

  • Product Add-ons (eg. watch straps)
  • Limited edition collector item sets
  • Protective Case
  • DVDs
  • Paper Toy
  • T-Shirts


Intangible perks:

  • Having your name credited on campaign website/donor walls
  • Personalised consultation over Skype
  • A meal with founders
  • Tour of the office
  • Participating in cameo roles (Film & Video, game projects)

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In part 2 we’ll discuss the 3 best practices for planning your rewards