Dagens Industri loves FundedByMe

FundedByMe's Daniel Daboczy and Arno Smit in Dagens Industry
A full page feature on FundedByMe in today’s issue of Dagens Industri, the biggest financial paper in Sweden.

When Dagens Industri, the biggest financial paper in Sweden, writes a full page and tells the FundedByMe story it is nothing less than a humbling and a very proud day for the FundedByMe team. Since FundedByMe launched in 2011 we have worked extremely hard to bring crowdfunding to Europe. We pivoted into equity crowdfunding, have coached thousands of entrepreneurs, have raised a lot of money for the people who need it most to grow their dreams, the economy and our investors’ portfolios and every day we continue to change the world.

We have grown from an idea to a company, have gone from two kids in an attic to 14 employees in five countries and we continue to grow fast. Today FundedByMe is operational in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Norway and we’re launching in Germany in September. In four months we’ve helped raise almost €3 million and we are adding more fascinating projects to our offering every week. The momentum is outstanding.

We know that the financial and investment market needs to be disrupted – it’s old, stiff and slow. We need to change this field because companies and creatives need better access to smart and fast money, but also because the millions of regular people out there should have a chance to be in the room – even if it is a digital one – when the next big thing just needs a push and a small cash injection. This grows momentum, jobs, opportunities and engagement. Remember, Facebook once needed $1500 to get started…a moment in time that I would have loved to be part of.

So trust me, this is only the beginning for FundedByMe and crowdfunding in Europe. We will do our best and work harder and harder so that everyone can become a business angel – whether it is with an investment of €50 or €100,000. And we will do our best to make sure that every big idea gets the chance to grow fast, with the help of our enthusiastic crowd.

Thank you to everyone who has brought us this far. The amazing team working at FundedByMe and all our dedicated fans and supporters who do whatever is needed to get us to the next level. And especially a huge thank you to all who trust us and use our platform to raise money or to invest or back campaigns.

This is only the beginning.


CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe