High Heaven – A social network for women in Extreme sports

Crowd investment entrepreneur Nina Nordling High Heaven (225x346)

Introduce yourself – what is your background, what are you passionate about and what are your hopes and dreams?
I am Nina Nordling, the Founder and CEO of High Heaven, and current crowd investment entrepreneur on FundedByMe. At High Heaven we have a lot of passions, hopes and dreams! I started riding motocross a couple of years back and discovered I just loved everything to do with both adrenaline and entrepreneurship, especially social entrepreneurship. I co-founded a motocross team for women and got really interested in the action sports industry, also being active in skate, surf and a ton of motorsports. I soon realized that little was being done for girls and women in this segment, and I decided to change that. I quit my job and went all in with High Heaven!

Our dream is that High Heaven will provide inspiration, information, and a great network so that girls and women dare try new sports, excel in their sports and get engaged in the action sports community. The day that young girls choose action sports with confidence and pride, and the industry is 50-50 men and women, then maybe I will go on vacation and relax for a bit.


How did the idea for your campaign come about? Describe what your campaign does.
We love the concept of letting the crowd own a piece of the action! We are launching HighHeaven.com, the world’s first international action and extreme sports website for women and we want to be owned by our crowd. We are funding the last stages of development as well as the launch itself, and we welcome all that love entrepreneurship, ventures and adventures to support and be a part of this cool journey.


Why did you decide on crowdfunding? What about FundedByMe appealed to you?
The awesome thing about crowdfunding is that it shifts the power to decide what ideas and businesses deserve support, from the big VCs and angel investors to the actual crowd! Now anyone can become an angel investor and support with as much or as little as they like, getting a unique chance to be involved in a startup together with passionate entrepreneurs.


Talk us through your campaign on FundedByMe – what are you planning on doing to maximize the exposure and ensure success? What can our readers look forward to seeing from your campaign?
We are going to be featured in some relevant blogs and magazines, which is pretty cool, and we are doing some live events including the HighHeaven-Snowboarding-HotChocolate-Pulka-Brainstorming-Skiing-Marshmallows-Hangout at Stockholm’s Hammarbybacken on the 1st of February!

We invite current and new crowd investors to a fun day of outrageous outdoor activities, All are welcome!


Why should our readers get involved in your campaign?
Because we kick ass and we need your help to continue to do so!


Which success story on FundedByMe has inspired you most? Why?
Virtuous Vodka: they had a great campaign with live events that really included their crowd and got them engaged. I would also like to mention a great crowd investor, Patrick Stahl, who has supported a lot of campaigns and entrepreneurs, that’s really something!


Keep on kicking ass! And visit the High Heaven campaign on FundedByMe here.