Mormor Magdas Ice Cream success story

Who can turn the opportunity to own shares in their own favourite Ice Cream factory. (some even bought them as gifts for their kids)



The Swedish magazine “Entreprenör” published recently a column describing how crowdfunding looks from an entrepreneur perspective. The author – Angela Håfström – is the CEO of the company called Mormor Magdas. In March she closed successfully her crowdfunding campaign at FundedByMe, raising €180 000 for  ca. 18% of shares of the company.

Not every successful campaign needs to be closed and overfunded in first couple of days. Mormor Magdas was live at  the FundedByMe platform for 45 days. In fact what counts is how much money you raised at the end, not how fast you did it.

“It was a bit scary during the time of the campaign. Some days were good, others were terrible and we felt that the campaign could not be so successful as we expected. But the last week was like a huge wave! It turned out in the end that there were many who wanted to become investors. In the last five days we reached 101 percent of our funding goal, while the first 40 days brought us only 39 percent.”

Mormor Magdas also benefited from non-financial advantages of crowdfunding.

“You can imagine yourself the positive impact it can have for our brand. Together with our shareholders we are really stronger. For hand on heart – it is thanks to the crowd the 142 new partners that Grandma Magdas Därproducerade ice cream is available today in many more places then before. Thanks to this, we can now keep growing, continue to create jobs and revolutionise the market with real, honest, tasty ice creams. This is what is called a success story!”

Read the whole article “So I managed crowdfunding” at the “Entreprenör” website.