Niclas Ahlström joins FundedByMe as Country Manager for Finland – Helping the Company to Maintain its Lead on the Nordic Crowdfunding Market

FundedByMe is without a doubt a global company, having over 56,000 members from 166 countries. After Sweden, Finland is the biggest and most important market for the company and the team believes in its potential to grow even further. Thus far Finnish entrepreneurs are leaders in receiving cross-border investments.To capture the growth opportunities even further, FundedByMe is now proud to welcome Niclas Ahlström as the new Country Manager in Finland! ”We are very excited about having Niclas on board” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO at FundedByMe.

Daniel Daboczy adds “Finland is a very interesting market where FundedByMe has been very successful earlier. We have successfully closed many campaigns that became international successes plus a few that picked up some VC funding after having being on FundedByMe.! With Niclas in the team, joining our big network and working with Kristina Pääkönen (the previous Country Manager for Finland) we are convinced that we can grab even bigger market shares and prove why FundedByMe is the leader in crowdfunding on the Nordic Market.”

“What makes me suitable for the position is my understanding of the operations but also challenges from both perspectives – I have been an entrepreneur, taking on everything from restaurants to real estate, but also worked as an investor getting deep insight into projects within different fields. I think that the FundedByMe team is fantastic, which I feel very excited about becoming a part of” Niclas Ahlstöm says. Academically, he has a masters degree in International Management from Hanken School of Economics and has lived in London, New York and Milan, giving him a broad international experience.

Ahlström says that he always has had an interest in Crowdfunding and that he is fascinated about the way it changes the financial market and makes it easier for communities to get involved and support ideas they believe in. It minimizes the time that investors have to spend on due diligence – instead they can focus on the product or service itself and entrepreneurs no longer need to spend as much time on pitching. In addition, he strongly believes in crowdfunding bringing in expertise and experience into startups. ”Receiving money is one thing, but receiving smart money is even more important – investors are involved and can help out.”

When asking about what goals he has for FundedByMe, Ahlström says that he wants to spread the word about the company, letting more people know about their possibilities to get involved by investing in startups and starting their own ventures. ”What gives FundedByMe an edge on the market is the global approach, since the investor base is international.” He says that the Finnish economy needs strong mid level companies that can generate growth and new jobs. “It will become a win-win situation for all involved.”

The Crowdfunding market is becoming more regulated and Ahlström says that it is hard to make projections about the future. However, he is certainly positive about its growth. “If we are able to create a gigantic investor pool all around the world, where people can pool into projects everywhere – the market potential is huge. People are no longer tied to their physical position”. Ahlström says that his biggest challenge is probably making the investor pool grow.

Niclas Ahlström also adds what personal qualities he will bring to FundedByMe. ”I’m a team player who loves meeting new people. I come with an open mindset and I’m here to learn more. Also, I’m a good networker and I hope to bring in more people to the startup scene, taking crowdfunding and FundedByMe to even higher heights in Finland.” He finishes with a laugh after saying ”I’m a nice person, I’m easy to work with”.