FrontOffice heads to Stockholm stock exchange from crowdfunding

FrontOffice head to stock exchange from crowdfunding

FrontOffice Nordic AB, a Swedish company reconstruction firm, announced this week that it has applied to be listed on Nordic Growth Market (NGM). This makes FrontOffice the first FundedByMe equity campaign to head for a public stock exchange from crowdfunding – and one of the first-ever Scandinavian equity crowdfunding campaigns that will give investors the opportunity to trade their crowdfunding shares on a regulated exchange, licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

FrontOffice launched its crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe on 25 November 2015 and it will run until 15 February 2016. The company has already secured 96% of the €533,000 equity goal from a total of 133 investors (as of now). Their goal is to be on this stock exchange by mid-April.

Read the full press release here and visit the campaign on FundedByMe here!