The new FundedByMe brand – an interview with Stormfors

In July 2013 the FundedByMe team selected one of Stockholm’s leading digital design agencies, Stormfors, to help us recreate the FundedByMe brand. The result is launched today – barely five months later! Stormfors helped us to merge the Reward-based and Equity platforms, offering investors and entrepreneurs a better browsing, uploading and supporting experience. Additionally, we have unified our brand, sharpened our logo and rolled out the same brand look and feel across all our platforms. I caught up with Stormfors co-founder Petter Plöjel to get his take on the new FundedByMe brand.

Petter Plojel Stormfors

Introduce us to Stormfors – what makes your brand unique and relevant to the FundedByMe audience? 

Stormfors is a Digital Agency that challenges the way companies communicate today. We are in the midst of a complete social transformation and the entire industry of communication has been flipped on its head. Information and dialog (the web) is now central in company communication and attention (advertising) has become a subordinate service.

That’s why we believe the overall communication strategy should come from digital agencies and that’s why we are rebuilding the entire value chain of the agency industry. With the powerful combo of strategy and digital communication we help clients like Neonode, Ericsson and Centuri challenge the competition and become globally successful brands.

Stormfors logo

Introduce yourself – what is your background, passions and ‘day job’?

I’m Petter, (pronounced like better but with a P 😉 ) and I started out studying design and communication strategy in Copenhagen. Since my graduation I have founded three companies within the communication business, the most recent being Stormfors, which I co-founded with Fredric Örup and Eric Langenskiöld in 2010. My passion is bringing change through innovative communication and at Stormfors I’m responsible for the strategy and design areas.

The Stormfors team behind the FundedByMe project included Fredric Örup, Petter Plöjel, Felix Winqvist and Fabian Rios.

Stormfors Team

How did you first get familiar with FundedByMe and why does FundedByMe and crowdfunding appeal to you?

We went to a lot of entrepreneur meetups where we first heard of FundedByMe in 2011. Being big fans of the change that crowdfunding brings to the entrepreneurial scene, we instantly liked the FundedByMe concept and especially their will to change the market even more by making equity crowdfunding available to everyday individuals.

A great thing about crowdfunding (in comparison to VC/Angel funding) is that the primary target groups (innovators/early adopters) evaluate your ideas on the spot when deciding whether to back your campaign or not.


Describe the scope of the brief you received from FundedByMe? What were the biggest challenges?

We really enjoy complex communication challenges and the one we got from FundedByMe was a proper whale of a challenge! It really tested the best in our skills.

The overall goal was to unite the two platforms (Equity and Reward-based) into one with a common structure and navigation flow that felt intuitive – to both entrepreneurs and investors. To manifest the evolutionary change and ensure brand consistency we created a new unitary graphic profile and web design that reflect the vision, market position and core values of FundedByMe.


How did you set about fixing these challenges? Describe the design process.

We worked really close with the FundedByMe team in workshops to fully grasp what they wanted to achieve and to truly understand the challenges involved with their business model and services. The first part of the design process consisted of creating the structure and navigation flow. We laid out all parts of the two platforms on our largest table (it’s huge) and started to strip, consolidate and develop the functions and contents. Then we let the two main target groups test the different solutions we’ve come up with to help us identify the right one.

The second part of the design process was creating the graphic profile and web design. This work is all about transforming the idea and feeling of the brand into a tangible design – crossing the chasm between abstract and concrete. The process is fully electrochemical and takes place in the brain of our ultra skilled designer Felix.


What does the new FundedByMe brand embody? What does it communicate?

FundedByMe as an organisation – and thus brand – is very much vibrant and alive. At the same time it must convey trust and growth because as a crowdfunding platform the brand is responsible for thoughts and emotions around money, ideas and dreams. So one of the goals of the design solution was to communicate these, almost opposite, values.

In the project presentation details we wanted to create a feeling of value and credibility so we used patterns to deliver a subtle feeling of old bonds and cheques.

FundedByMe Logo

How do you feel about the final result?

The process in itself was a trip. In the beginning it’s pure joy and dedication to understanding everything. After that there’s a phase where after deep diving into the challenges you tear your hair out and everything appears disturbingly chaotic…and that’s when it all starts taking shape and you come out on the other side with an idea of a possible solution. Great fun!

So now we are really excited to see the KPIs and how much impact the new platform and design solution have on conversions like projects and investments relative to the number of visitors.