Sushirullen already conquered Stockholm – what’s next?

Johan and Margareta Falk are the two driven entrepreneurs behind the first and only fast food sushi in northern Europe – Sushirullen. 

Everything began with Johan traveling in Australia where he discovered this different but delicious sushi roll which he loved so much that he actually began to eat it every day! When Johan later came back to Stockholm, he met Margareta who also happened to love sushi and they both shared dreams of one day opening their own business. Together they decided to introduce the new sushi roll concept to Stockholm and show the swedes what they’ve been missing out on.

On FundedByMe, they decided to go with loan crowdfunding, but why? – They wanted to expand the franchise but still keep the company strong and intact – as well as they could grow the company together with customers and fans. That turned out to be a superb choice and Sushirullen successfully closed their campaign on May 28, 2015, with 29 lenders and raising over 10,000 EUR!

Sushirullen has now taken Stockholm by storm and operates successfully on three different locations – not only keeping their customers stomachs satisfied but also their wallet, since one sushi roll only costs between 25 and 30 SEK. The next step for Sushirullen is to be everywhere – they want to keep expanding to new cities, become a heavy-weight in the market and take over Swedish heathy fast food industry.

In the future, they are also considering a new equity round on FundedByMe, so keep an eye open on Sushirullen and their future plans on taking their growth to a complete new level!

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