Why did we pivot into equity crowdfunding?

crowdfunding via Forbes.com

The transformation FundedByMe as a service provider have undergone is quite heavy. Classic crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding are both based on the same principles – but in fact hardly the same. Both cater to the basic need that people (the crowd) rather are participants then end consumers and want to be part of cool new ideas and companies. And also because creative and amazing entrepreneurs are having a hard time in  this recession to reach … Continue reading

FundedByMe is the European crowdfunding platform

While every crowdfunding website will tell you that there’s a long history of strangers pooling money together to fund ideas, the movement of funding online has beaten predictions that it would be inherently unsuccessful or overrun over by scammers. While Kickstarter has become the world’s dominant leader in creative project funding, FundedByMe is holding its ground in the European market by allowing users to take advantage of the pre-order and gift style of european crowdfunding, and also … Continue reading