Entrepreneur tips – Building a crowdfunding campaign

Entrepreneur tips – Building a crowdfunding campaign

Over the coming days we are going to share a number of tips to help all FundedByMe entrepreneurs in building a crowdfunding campaign – inspired by this great list compiled by Indiegogo. We’ve added our own European-focused sources and will continue to grow this list as a resource for all crowdfunding entrepreneurs. If you have any tips that can help others who are just starting on the journey of building a crowdfunding campaign, please leave a comment and we will ensure it gets added to this list!

Building a crowdfunding campaign

These tools are helpful for building your crowdfunding campaign and will ensure that you have the marketing power to bring your campaign to a successful close!

Campaign Video

Video Hosting


The blog hosts below can be a great supplement to your communications strategy given their large communities of bloggers, which you can tap into and engage with — spreading your campaign beyond your network.

Landing pages:

If your idea does not yet have its own website, create a simple landing page from which you can capture supporters’ email addresses or share your contact information. Use any of the following free options.

Social Media:

  • Facebook Pages — Creating a Facebook Page for your campaign is a great way to engage your backers and investors and spread the word about your campaign via social media. It also creates the perfect platform from which to share updates about your campaign and share event information with your fans.
  • Google+ — Creating a Google+ Page for your campaign can help with your Google rankings and also targets a different audience than Facebook.
  • Twitter — There is a huge conversation about #crowdunding on Twitter — as well as others that might have relevance to your particular campaign. Whether you start a handle for your campaign or your own personal one, getting involved in this conversation can bring a big boost to your campaign. Check out some of their best practices.
  • Pinterest — A great place to get involved in the conversation around the topic(s) of your campaign — as well as a place to share pictures relevant to your campaign.
  • Instagram — Picture sharing is the name of the game on Instagram. Campaigners have used it for everything from sharing pictures of perks to snapshots of their campaign page. Make sure to use hashtags like #crowdfunding or #FundedByMe and include a link to your campaign when you post!
  • LinkedIn – Reach a professional crowd using LinkedIn – and if you don’t have an account here yet, create one. It helps a ton with credibility and in building trust and quality.

Shortened Links — When sharing a link to your campaign in social media, save space by shortening the link.

  • Bit-ly — Bitly’s tracking tools to see how many clicks you’re getting and from where. You can easily edit the bit.ly link you end up with too to make it memorable.
  • Ow.ly – Similar to Bit.ly, you can easily shorten and share your url.
  • Goo.gl – Another great free offering from Google.
  • TinyURL – One of the more well-known url shortener services.

Music Sharing

These are great ways of sharing your music with potential contributors and also of finding free – or affordable – music to add to your campaign video

Photo Editing

  • Fotoflexer – Edit photos using this free and user-friendly platform


An Infographic is a great way of illustrating elements of your campaign.


  • Slideshare — A good way to share your campaign presentation with the social community of Slideshare.

If You Need an Extra Hand – Virtual Assistants

So what are you waiting for? Get started with building a crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe today. And if you have any additional resources that we should add to this list, please leave us a comment!

Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Tip of the Day – Blogger Outreach

Crowdfunding Tip blogger outreach by Kristen Matthews

Have you identified a list of bloggers that would be interested in what it is that your campaign is all about? You really should. Blogs are a great way of accessing people with similar interests to yours. Start by doing a Google search using “Blogs + a key word that relates to your industry” and you will be surprised at what you discover! Remember that bloggers are people like you…so when you approach them to talk about your campaign on FundedByMe, keep your email personal, short and informative.

Remember to include the following:

– Your elevator pitch, explaining what your brand does

– Add a good photo that would entice them to share it with their readers

– If you have a video, include a link to that

– Add a link to your campaign on FundedByMe

It’s okay to ask them to help you share awareness around your project! If you’re nice enough, most bloggers will be happy to help. But never spam a blogger! If they don’t reply, accept it and move on to another. Good luck!

What is your top crowdfunding tip? Why not share it with us in the comments? Also, read this great article by Kristen Matthews about blogger outreach.

Mashable’s 10 tips for an awesome crowdfunding campaign video

Mashable is a great resource for entrepreneurs wanting to learn new, helpful tips – including things that could help improve your crowdfunding campaign video and presentation on FundedByMe! I spotted this tip list to help you shine on the camera and had to share them here to ensure you are ready to record the best crowdfunding campaign video possible. For Brandon Smith’s full article on Mashable, please click here.

From Mashable: Jared Matthew Weiss had a regular spot on The Today Show, a column in Shape Magazine and has consulted over 800 clients worldwide on how to reach their potential. He founded Overture, a company that produces short, chic black-and-white videos designed to capture your story and share it with the world. The personal branding expert was kind enough to sit down and share 10 important tips that will help set your personal video apart from others.

Flip Video Cameras are great for shooting crowdfunding campaign videosImage from Flip.com

10 Tips for Being Awesome on Camera

How You Look

1. Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Have some fun with your wardrobe and be sure it reflects your personality. Choose comfortable clothing that showcases the real “you.” To make a slightly more formal statement, a suit and tie or blouse and skirt is perfect. Keep jewellery to a minimum. Feeling good about yourself is key. And it will show.

2. Mom Was Right: Sit Up Straight

The camera exaggerates everything because there is nothing to distract the viewer. If your posture is poor, viewers will think you’ve checked out and lost interest. Your body should convey your energy and intelligence without being stiff and robotic.

3. Watch Your Body Language — Everyone Else Will

Weiss speaks from personal experience on this one. Throughout his first live television segment he was unaware of the fact that he was impulsively rubbing his leg to calm his nerves. Find a good place for your hands so they aren’t distracting to viewers.

4. Smile With Your Eyes

A warm and genuine smile does wonders for coming across as sincere and confident. But flashing those pearly whites is only part of the key to smiling. The eyes can dictate whether a smile is real or forced. In this case, crow’s feet can be a good thing.

How You Sound

5. Use Your Natural Voice.

While some of us admit to practicing our news anchor voices, leave that “Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America” voice at home. Be yourself and speak to the camera like it was your best friend. Not only is it more natural, but it’s what people expect. You want your video to reflect who you are, not Brian Williams.

6. It’s How You Say It

You know what you’re talking about. So focus on how you deliver the goods. Pacing matters. If you rush through your spiel, you throw away your credibility. The message you deliver is: what I’m saying doesn’t really matter. Your choice of words is also key. Simple and clear beats a multisyllabic mouthful any day. Enunciate and avoid slang at all costs. Shakespeare didn’t write “ta be or not ta be, dude.”

How To Prepare

7. Look At The Camera As You Would Your Dog

Don’t be afraid of the lens — it won’t bite or even lick you. Just look into it with the love you’d give a welcoming pet at the end of the day. Don’t look around; darting eyes scream, “I’m nervous and desperately searching for the exit!” Blink naturally; excessive blinking signals a lack of sincerity. Don’t be afraid of flubs, either. That’s why we have editors.

8. Keep It Moist

Dry mouth is the enemy of talking. Get that frog out of your throat with a sip of water. Taking a water break can also be a way to step away from the camera and calm your nerves. And keep your lips moist with something other than your tongue!

9. Chill

Don’t go in front of a camera full of nerves and sweaty palms. Do whatever is necessary to help you relax — stretch, do jumping jacks, listen to music, go into the bathroom to talk to yourself. Sit in front of the camera only when you’re feeling calm, cool and collected. It will add to your confidence.

10. Breathing Is Good

Not only is it essential for life, but breathing is necessary to be awesome on camera. Take deep breaths before you go live, and continue to breathe easily when the camera’s on. If you find yourself breathing or talking too quickly, it’s time for a break.

Unless you are portraying a character or alter ego, it’s important to be yourself while on camera. This is especially true if you are using the video to market yourself. Allow you and your personality to flourish and embrace the moving frames.

Crowdfunding Campaign Tips

Susan Sjölund, CMO for FundedByMeSo what are the aspects of a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Are there any crowdfunding campaign tips that can help your financing round on FundedByMe succeed?

The answer to both these questions is yes…there are quite a few. We asked our Chief Marketing Officer, Susan Sjölund, to share her best crowdfunding campaign tips with you.

We are, after all, in the business of helping our entrepreneurs succeed!

FundedByMe Crowdfunding Campaign Tips by Susan Sjölund

Tell your story! Always remember that your supporters are supporting you as much as they are buying into your brand or campaign! They want to know who you are. Share with them your passion, your motifs and, most importantly, your vision! Don’t be afraid of getting personal (without turning it into an episode of The Jerry Springer show, of course!)

Tip: A good head and shoulders photograph of yourself – and other team members – make it easier for your audience to connect with you and your project.

In it to win it? Humility is a virtue, but too much humility won’t get you very far at FundedByMe! Go all in and make sure you have the best presentation possible – it is this that stands between a successfully financed campaign and having to go back to knocking on the VCs’ doors. Ensure you are 130% pleased with your presentation before hitting the ‘submit’ button. And don’t forget to maintain a steady tempo during the entire crowdfunding period – regular updates and messages to your fans and your supporters will show commitment.

Tip! Be sure to visit your user dashboard at least once a day. That way you can make sure you have total control over your presentation and you will also be able to make the necessary changes to your campaigning plan if the money isn’t pouring in.

Share! The fact that you are represented on FundedByMe is bound to generate your crowdfunding campaign a lot of positive attention. But take it a step further by marketing your project trough social media and telling your extended network – even total strangers on the street – about your project, referring them to your FundedByMe campaign page.

Tip! Marketing not spam…Make sure you are personal and nice in how you present your project to your target groups. If someone is not interested, move on. We are not fans of spam.

Makes sales not war! Sell your project! If you don’t seem to believe in your own project then who will? If you believe you have the recipe for world peace, the end of famine or something even cooler than the new World of Warcraft, tell the world! Your passion and energy will get others fuelled up to support your campaign.

Tip! Confidence and a sense of humour makes a great mix! Make sure you don’t get too pushy and impersonal in your sales pitch.

Take a couple of extra minutes to make sure that your presentation is just right – spelling misstakass makess you lok indifferent and you’r presentation uncommitted… yawn… and the result will ultimately be bad crowdfunding karma. Your future supporters need to know that you are serious and committed to your project.

Tip! Let someone else read your presentation before you go live and consider presenting a short private campaign pitch to that person to make sure your arguments are up to speed.

…aaand action! Having a good presentational film is crucial for receiving funds! There is no need for expensive camera equipment or fancy editing software; the only thing that is really important to have is some old-fashioned heart and soul! In doing so, your viewers will want to help you because they understand how much it would mean to you!

Tip! Build your structure for your film from the questions who, what, where, how and why? This meaning: Who am I and who is the team behind my idea, what do I want to do, how will I do it and why am I doing this?

Make yourself available by having the correct contact information posted on your FundedByMe campaign page and ensure that you don’t post too many different options for contacting you. Simply choose one or two ways that you know you regularly check – this way your supporters will be assured that you will get their messages. It is also good to have links to your profile pages across the social world – Facebook, twitter or blog.

Tip! Having your own domain makes a great impression in these situations! If you don’t already have one then why don’t create a simple blog using WordPress and profile pages on about.me and LinkedIn?

Last but not least, what are you giving back? Take time to consider what your supporters should receive for their commitment. The more appealing things you have to offer the more supporters you will get. This is a fact – everybody loves a bargain! Help someone reach their crowdfunding campaign dream and receive a limited edition T-shirt? Yes please!

Tip! Create unique things/services for your FundedByMe supporters. Create and maintain a high factor of exclusivity in what you are offering and people will know that you appreciate their help!

Do you have any other tips that we should know about? Why not leave us a comment and tell us what worked for you?

Seven tips for crowfunding success

Arno Smit shares his crowdfunding success tipsAt FundedByMe we are reliant on the crowdfunding success of our entrepreneurs – when they succeed in their financing goals, we succeed!

Over the next couple of months we will pull together some tips and share them on the blog with you.

Today we offer you some crowdfunding success tips from our CTO and co-founder, Arno Smit.

Top tips for crowdfunding success from Arno Smit

1. Create a compelling story

People are more likely to invest in a business that they are passionate about or a story that is very compelling – something that they can relate to. Your campaign should be one, or both, of these things. What makes your business unique? And how will you take advantage of this opportunity?

It is important that your story is clear and easy to understand. Don’t overcomplicate what you are trying to achieve, be clear and professional. Build trust in your idea. Use images, references and cite your own track record and past successes. Create a great campaign video and be honest and polite in everything you say. Also, importantly, check for spelling and grammar before you hit ‘submit’.

2. Who is on your team?

It may seem obvious, but the more people you have working to promote your campaign the greater your chance for success. Do you know of any groups who are already passionate about your cause? Management, employees, suppliers and existing customers are all likely to be big advocates of your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Encourage these people to join your team and teach them how to spread the word effectively.

3. Making a video

An awesome video can make the difference between success and failure for your campaign on FundedByMe. A promotional video is a powerful tool for you to communicate what you are trying to do and gives you a platform from which to build trust. It will help bring your campaign to life, show that you are serious and add credibility to your idea. This is your opportunity to show potential investors that you are passionate, smart and worthy of their investment – don’t waste the opportunity.

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to make a short video nowadays – simply grab your smartphone, get a good setting with good light, look straight at the camera and…action! A video should be no longer than a couple of minutes maximum. In this case, less is definitely more.

4. Tell people what you plan to do with the money they invest

People work hard for their money and they will want to know how you are planning to use it before making the decision to invest in your business. You need to tell people exactly what your need the money for and how you will spend it once you reach your financing threshold.

5. Reward people for their generosity

Campaigns – both equity and reward-based, that offer really good rewards are likely to be more successful than those without. By adding value rewards to your campaign you’ll attract a different type of investor. Rewards give investors a return on their investment in the short term. The power in giving something unique, or getting access to the next big thing before it hits the shelves, is amazing. Think about what people are likely to find compelling and then link your rewards to entice people into investing more.

6. Be prepared to spread the word

Once your campaign is live on FundedByMe, you and your team need to actively promote it and spread the word. Successful projects are those where the entrepreneur doesn’t sit back but is very active in letting everyone know about the opportunity they are offering potential investors. Of course the launch announcement is hugely important, but plan ahead to try and maintain a drip feed and future activities as well. Actively manage your campaign so that you maximise every opportunity and don’t fall into a ‘lull’ where nothing is happening.

What is your best tip for an entrepreneur’s crowdfunding success? Leave it as a comment below!