Grant Thornton and crowdfunding platform FundedByMe enter partnership

Grant Thornton and crowdfunding platform FundedByMe enter partnership

Crowdfunding – when companies turn to a crowd of investors to fund projects or ideas – is growing rapidly. Now, auditing and consulting firm Grant Thornton in Sweden partners with the crowdfunding platform, FundedByMe, with more than 50,000 investors in over 160 countries. The success stories include – among many others – Berries by Astrid, Virtuos Vodka and Isbjörn of Sweden.

The purpose of the partnership for Grant Thornton and FundedByMe is to develop entrepreneurship and support companies in their startup phases. For Grant Thornton this primarily means offering valuation services to entrepreneurs, hence facilitating for entrepreneurs and investors to connect and close deals at the right level.

– We believe that FundedByMe’s digital service is completely in tune with the times and that crowdfunding will continue to grow fast, both in Sweden and internationally and especially among young entrepreneurs. We are happy that through this partnership, we are able to support Swedish entrepreneurs in need of funding and thereby contribute to growth, says Carl-Johan Regell, authorized accountant and partner at Grant Thornton Sweden.

We realized several years ago that we wanted to partner with big, established players in the market, in order to develop crowdfunding in the sharing economy. We feel that Grant Thornton, just like FundedByMe, operates in the spirit of companies with increasing growth, and with the right focus for the entrepreneurs and companies who turn to us. We are very happy to announce this partnership and we see Grant Thornton Sweden as a strong partner for the exciting journey that lies ahead, says Daniel Daboczy, founder and CEO of FundedByMe.

The partnership begins with advisors from Grant Thornton participating in different activities, which FundedByMe arranges for investors and entrepreneurs this fall. After that, the companies will draw advantage of their respective networks to help entrepreneurs grow.

Grant Thornton already supports well-known entrepreneurial sponsorships and networks, such as DiGasell, Founders Alliance, YEoS and SUP46.

For more information, contact:

Lisbeth Larsson, Head of Communications, Grant Thornton

T: 0708-21 71 56, 08-563 071 56


Twitter: @GT:_LisLar


Lena Flykt Rosén, Head of Partnerships, FundedByMe

T: +46702-86 66 12


About Grant Thornton Sweden

Grant Thornton Sweden is one of the fastest growing audit and consulting firms in Sweden. With more than1100 employees and 23 offices, the company is an independently owned and managed member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd. The member firms provide audit, tax and advisory advices.

Grant Thornton” refers to the brand under which the Grant Thornton member firms provide assurance, tax and advisory services to their clients and/or refers to one or more member firms, as the context requires. Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL) and the member firms are not a worldwide partnership. GTIL and each member firm is a separate legal entity. Services are delivered by the member firms. GTIL does not provide services to clients. GTIL and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate, one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions

About FundedByMe
FundedByMe is a leading international player in crowdfunding through equity, loan or reward. The company has successfully funded hundreds of companies from 25 countries. The members represent a rapidly growing network of more than 57,000 investors from over 160 countries. FundedByMe with headquarters in Sweden has a presence in countries around Europe and in Singapore.

Your business idea pitch – tips to help you succeed

On a crowdfunding platform like FundedByMe your business idea pitch is one of many others. And what’s great about our platform is that we have thousands of potential investors regularly checking in to see what new projects we have that they could invest their money into. As an entrepreneur, your challenge is to get your business idea across to the right investor and provide a compelling case that they feel readily convinced to put their money behind your plan!

crowdfunding via

Easier said than done, we know! But here are some tips to get you thinking about how you can put together a really strong pitch for your business idea:

  • Be specific on what product you are building. You may have a very clear vision in your head, but that doesn’t mean we all ‘get it’!
  • Give examples of who your customers are/will be, how many of them there might be and why they will buy your solution
  • What is the specific problem that you are solving? Many entrepreneurs are not able to quickly answer this question. In order to secure funding, you need to have this answer at your fingertips!
  • State who your competitors are and why your solution is better than theirs. You may choose not to list them by names, but often a description will suffice, think ‘Big fast-food chains that serve mass-produced food’, for example.
  • Be specific on how big a business opportunity this is and what revenues will look like in three to five years. While many investors are interested in VFI (value from investment), the majority is looking for ROI (return on investment) – are you committed to making a profit? How will you do this?
  • Tell potential investors where you are in the formation process: do you have a prototype / demo / alpha / beta version, what are your current revenues, etc.
  • Be sure to introduce the team behind your business idea, highlighting the relevant strengths and backgrounds they bring to your project.

Finally, before you hit ‘submit’ on your project page, get others to give you their feedback. What are they missing from your business idea pitch? Are there any facts that are missing that could convince them to support your idea?

Do you have any other tips that we should add to this list of great business pitch presentation ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

FundedByMe named one of the hottest Swedish Startups

FundedByMe named one of the hottest Swedish Startups

Swedish weekly publication, Veckans Affärrer, has just released their top 24 list of Swedish startups and we are thrilled to be included!

FundedByMe's write up as one of the Top 24 Swedish startups for Veckans AffärerRoughly translated, this article says:

A startup from 2011 that is already in version 2.0. Founder Daniel Daboczy has a background in the art world and lacked the ability to fund cultural and entrepreneurial projects with small sums from many. One famous project is hamburger bar Flippin’ Burgers who sold burger gift cards while the restaurant concept was developed. Now, the business is giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise equity capital from business angels.