Crowdfunding Angel Investor – Q&A with Anette Nordvall

Crowdfunding Angel Investor – Q&A with Anette Nordvall

When I met Anette Nordvall the first thing I noticed about this crowdfunding angel investor was her long, long hair. Then the rest came through – bubbly giggles hiding a serious interest in the financial world – and in helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed. Anette is quite a traditional angel investor, but never think ‘old school’ and Anette in the same sentence! This crowdfunding angel investor has embraced crowdfunding – and FundedByMe – and is helping us spread the gospel. Here’s more from Anette Nordvall:

Crowdfunding angel investor Anette Nordvall

Introduce yourself – what is your background, passions and ‘day job’? 
I’m your #Crowdfunding #Superstar – I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor that loves sales and making deals. Spending my days as CEO at Programmera Mgm, a Swedish company that focuses on helping improve people’s digital strategies with easy to understand back-end solutions. As a partner in Stockholms Affärsänglar we focus on early stage seed investing. FundedByMe is a great forum for what’s out there…for finding the ‘Next Big Thing’.

I love sales, closing deals, paying it forward, honest people, step-counting, good health, a positive can-do attitude, coffee, my bike and being back in Sweden after many years abroad.

How did you first get familiar with crowdfunding and why does it appeal to you? 

I’ve spent the last 17 years with my family living in the US. Our sons started crowd investing in games and such a long time ago. The beauty in paying $10 in pre-money…even in the days of only having access to reward-based crowdfunding, I was already convinced the idea worked. I met with Arno and Daniel (FundedByMe co-founders) a couple of years ago when they first introduced the idea of FundedByMe and was looking for funding. The power of a group effort is compelling. Smart money can come in both small and large doses. Depending on product, service, or offer it can make or break success. It has to become the new thing what people are talking about. The crowd automatically provides you with ambassadors to spread “your gospel”. Being part of change in a group is fantastic when you understand what it does.

Which project(s) on FundedByMe did you invest in? What made you want to get involved? 

FundedByMe (of course), Elinnovation, Nerdy by Nerds Jeans, Postify, Eggs Inc and Beibamboo, so far…

What do you expect to get out of these investments on the long run? 

A lot, of course! Both from the entrepreneur and campaign and also from what I can add to the investment. Although my main focus is to make sure that the entrepreneur, product and investment is sound, I do invest with my heart. You might call it social investing, spreading the good word or inspiring others to do the same. The receiver/entrepreneur however must agree, understand and appreciate group power, their network, investing interests and goals. Amount should not matter in a crowd, it’s the attitude.

What is the most important tip you’d give other investors considering crowdfunding? 

I have to emphasize that it’s not only money involved. That is just the basic. Whatever project you are involved in has to strike something within you to address and help solve and use your experiences. The need to engage yourself in the project is crucial since you also have the opportunity to make improvements, not only use your network to add new opportunities, but also truly add value as an ambassador and spokesperson for the product, service or idea.

Are there any new investment rounds on FundedByMe that you have your eyes on at the moment? 

I think I’ll pass on any investment advice! However, since I am a music and new product- lover, and have invested before in that nische, I’m curious about the community Follow-music and Frily.

Please feel free to connect with me via: @nordvalla

Crowdfunding angel investor Anette Nordvall on FundedByMe