Oversubscription list to invest in FundedByMe


After an super intense 6 days we reached SEK 6 million. We are NOT closing the round but offering you the chance to sign your interest to invest by oversubscribing. Oversubscription is a situation in which investors show so much interest in a new issue of a stock that demand exceeds supply. Please fill in the following information to secure your chance to invest. The link goes to a Google Form: http://bit.ly/OLeWRm / Daniel Daboczy, CEO FundedByMe  

Equity Crowdfunding on FundedByMe – a visual explanation

Everyone is talking about Equity Crowdfunding and, while you may “kind of” understand the concept, we thought this great visual explanation of crowd equity, created by FundedByMe friend Peter Sandberg would be spot on. What do you think? Click here to explore some of the trending equity crowdfunding rounds on FundedByMe right now!

Crowdfunding Investor profile – Angie Skazka

My favourite thing about crowdfunding investor Angie Skazka is that this case proves again that anyone – even a student – can become a business angel and invest to become part of the next big thing. We asked Angie to participate in our popular crowdfunding investor profile session and convince you why you too should consider this modern type of investment! Angie, introduce yourself – what is your background, passions and ‘day job’? I am … Continue reading

Crowdfunding Investor Q&A – Meg Charles-Horn

There is no better way of getting the facts about crowdfunding than from a crowdfunding investor – someone who passionately believes and supports it. When I recently ran into Meg Charles-Horn, who invested in the recent FundedByMe Equity round, I asked her share her views with us. Meg was happy to comply! Can you briefly introduce yourself, Meg? What is your background and what are you currently working on? I moved to Stockholm from New … Continue reading

Entrepreneur tips: An awesome crowdfunding pitch video

The secret sauce to a successful crowdfunding round on FundedByMe contains a number of ingredients but it’s no secret that: A great crowdfunding pitch presentation = A great crowdfunding round In order to help you succeed and create a super pitch presentation that will show your company’s best side and get investors lining up to support you we will highlight a number of tips to help you put together a great crowdfunding pitch over the … Continue reading

FundedByMe Equity video – a simple explanation

In November 2012 we launched FundedByMe Equity to supplement the booming traditional crowdfunding site that was the original concept for FundedByMe. We spotted a huge potential to offer crowd investors the chance to own a piece of equity in the brands they love and support and thus FundedByMe Equity was born. (See our great FundedByMe Equity video below!) In the five months since then we have closed five successful equity rounds for some of the … Continue reading

Virtuous Vodka raises 1M SEK in less than 8 weeks

A phone call made by Claes Stenmark, co-founder and CEO at Virtuous Spirits AB, last summer to FundedByMe’s office in Stockholm was the beginning of an adventure which would eventually lead the company to a fully financed round of equity crowdfunding, while simultaneously becoming the first ever company in the tech-savvy nation to accomplish this. When the phone call came in, Sweden’s largest crowdfunding platform FundedByMe, had just announced their plans for a pivot towards equity … Continue reading

Investor Interview: Sebastian, a new FundedByMe investor

Meet Sebastian, one of the newest FundedByMe crowdfunding investors. Tell us about yourself! I am an 31 year old jack of all trades, academically my background is in economy and management with studies on bachelor, master and MBA level at Umeå University, Sweden, Universidade Nova, Portugal and Harvard initiated INCAE in Costa Rica. Work-wise I have done just about everything from commercial long line fishing, correctional officers work, financial investment and a range of consultancy … Continue reading

Why did we pivot into equity crowdfunding?

crowdfunding via Forbes.com

The transformation FundedByMe as a service provider have undergone is quite heavy. Classic crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding are both based on the same principles – but in fact hardly the same. Both cater to the basic need that people (the crowd) rather are participants then end consumers and want to be part of cool new ideas and companies. And also because creative and amazing entrepreneurs are having a hard time in  this recession to reach … Continue reading

FundedByMe re-launches Equity Crowdfunding

Just a few days ago, after weeks of coding and testing, we re-launched our site. The most obvious difference is our shifted focus towards Equity Crowdfunding, catering to future startups with a very powerful tool to manage campaigns, shareholders and legal matters. Crowdfunding has been around for a while, centuries actually, but will only in 2013 really take-off into super overdrive. It is probably one of the business models which makes the most sense, where … Continue reading

FundedByMe is the European crowdfunding platform

While every crowdfunding website will tell you that there’s a long history of strangers pooling money together to fund ideas, the movement of funding online has beaten predictions that it would be inherently unsuccessful or overrun over by scammers. While Kickstarter has become the world’s dominant leader in creative project funding, FundedByMe is holding its ground in the European market by allowing users to take advantage of the pre-order and gift style of european crowdfunding, and also … Continue reading

We’ve hit the Sek400,000 mark!

So far, we’ve helped raise SEK400,951.36 in pledges from 1,022 people for 102 projects. Today was a big day for us. We made it up to SEK400,000 SEK in pledges. And, as promised, we will double the pledge made to reach 400 000. The project “Flippin’ Burgers” will receive SEK1,000 from us. A big thanks to all the amazing backers and project owners.