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FundedByMe och Connect Sverige Region Öst inleder samarbete för att skapa fler svenska tillväxtraketer

  Crowdfundingplattformen FundedByMe och kompetens- och kapitalnätverket Connect Sverige Region Öst inleder ett samarbete med syfte att lyfta svenska tillväxtbolag med så väl kompetens som kapital. FundedByMe och Connect är båda välkända begrepp inom svenska entreprenörskretsar. Nu satsar man gemensamt för att få ännu större effekt av sina insatser och därmed kunna förstärka erbjudandet till såväl kapitalsökande tillväxtbolag som investerare. “Det svenska ekosystemet kring entreprenörer och tillväxtföretag är redan i…


3 key trends for Asia that will change crowdfunding in 2015

Many people wonder, what will happen in the future. Well, we at FundedByMe don’t have a crystal ball, but we can forecast how they year 2015 will be for crowdfunding in Asia. So here it is. Right now you may observe 3 main phenomenons in the APAC region that let you to estimate about the future of crowdfunding:      The social / mobile / chat obsessed citizens      Economics of E-commerce and…

“Entreprenör”: Mormor Magdas Ice Cream success story

Who can turn the opportunity to own shares in their own favourite Ice Cream factory. (some even bought them as gifts for their kids)   The Swedish magazine “Entreprenör” published recently a column describing how crowdfunding looks from an entrepreneur perspective. The author – Angela Håfström – is the CEO of the company called Mormor Magdas. In March she closed successfully her crowdfunding campaign at FundedByMe, raising €180 000 for…

Why do we need to verify the crowdlenders’ identities?

  FundedByMe has just launched its new product, loan-based crowdfunding, which is also known as crowdlending. This service enables savers and private investors from nearly all over the world to become lenders and benefit from the growth of Swedish small and medium businesses. How to do it? It’s easy! Creating an account takes only a few minutes. However, after the registration is complete, FundedByMe has to verify the identity of each lender. This…

Virtuous Vodka Liquor

Virtuous Vodka: Swedish organic liquor, ready for a second round!

Thursday, 12 o clock, Snickarbacken 7, café Kaffeverket. We met up with Claes Stenmark to  interview him about Virtuous Vodka. The organic liquor brand had a campaign, 1 year ago, at FundedByMe and got a good head start with developing and taking the product to production. Now it is on the market, ready for a second round campaign and we want to know more about the brand and the values…


ALSIceBucketChallenge – FundedByMe accepted it!

  We were happy to be nominated for the ALSIceBucketChallenge by Sqore and accept the challenge! Between Hamngatan and Regeringsgatan, out in the public, proper camera and great smiles we poured the water on us.   Arno, Catherine, Daniel and Michal took the buckets and now we nominate Crowdfund insider, Företagarna and Lendico See the whole video  


Equity Campaign: Lovetagged – A matchmaking service through Facebook

We have interviewed Christian Majgaard at the Copenhagen Crowdfunding Meetup and asked him about his crowdfunding campaign Lovetagged on FundedByMe.  Tell us a little about Lovetagged, what is it? I call Lovetagged a killer app, because no one has done this before. We have made a tool for matchmaking your friends’ friends on Facebook. Why do you see a potential in this field? The dating market is a 4 billion$…

FundedByMe Stor-Jobal Campaign

Stor-Jobal från Krokjala: A Comic book waiting to be released through crowdfunding.

Meet Emil Maxén, a freelance illustrator, who previously worked with the music artist Avicii, the swedish Julkalendern (Christmas calendar) “Barnen Hedenhös”, and now he is launching a campaign to crowdfund his upcoming comic book. Tell us a bit about yourself, for start, where did you grow up and what was your dream back then? I grew up outside of Sundsvall in Timrå.And my dream was pretty much what I am…


Oversubscription list to invest in FundedByMe

After an super intense 6 days we reached SEK 6 million. We are NOT closing the round but offering you the chance to sign your interest to invest by oversubscribing. Oversubscription is a situation in which investors show so much interest in a new issue of a stock that demand exceeds supply. Please fill in the following information to secure your chance to invest. The link goes to a Google Form: / Daniel Daboczy, CEO FundedByMe  

Equity Crowdfunding on FundedByMe – a visual explanation

Everyone is talking about Equity Crowdfunding and, while you may “kind of” understand the concept, we thought this great visual explanation of crowd equity, created by FundedByMe friend Peter Sandberg would be spot on. What do you think? Click here to explore some of the trending equity crowdfunding rounds on FundedByMe right now!