First ever loan-based crowdfunding successfully closed

First ever loan-based crowdfunding successfully closed

Our first loan-based crowdfunding campaign has closed! Several days ago Sushirullen, an ecological sushi shop, were funded 10 000 euro in the first ever loan-based crowdfunding campaign on FundedByMe. And they did it in only 56 hours!

29 lenders from 23 countries decided to lend to Sushirullen their money for 6 months. Why? Two main reasons:

  • They believe in the business model presented by Johan Falk, Sushirullen’s CEO and founder. A long roll of sushi that you can eat like a sandwich is a good idea, isn’t it?
  • The yearly interest rate of their investment is 14,33%. Negative interest rates in some other countries, makes this deal even better.


What’s more, the whole procedure is very user friendly – 100% online. It is also secure for lenders – they can see the risk indicator by Bisnode scoring agency and the risk indicator by FundedByMe which is calculated based on Bisnode and UC financial information. So the lenders are aware of the investment risk, but on the other hand know exactly when and how much they could earn.




FundedByMe launches loan-based crowdfunding (P2P lending)

Once again, FundedByMe is changing the financial landscape in Sweden, by introducing a new financial instrument for investors: loan-based crowdfunding (also known as: crowdlending, peer-to-peer lending or social loans). On February 17th FundedByMe, being the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in Europe, introduced peer-to-peer lending available to Swedish small and medium enterprises.

The newly launched peer-to-peer lending by FundedByMe enables investors from all over the world to lend money to Swedish businesses. Swedish entrepreneurs are now able to receive alternative financing and use it to develop their companies. The whole process is online based and the registration takes only a few minutes.

Investors are welcome to browse the loan-based crowdfunding campaigns on the platform and choose those they are willing to lend their money to. The risk rate makes it easy for the investors to choose the suitable company and possible incomes. Then they need to only log in or create an account giving few data and then upload their ID, which is verified. It may take up to 2 business days.

Starting raising funds in crowdlending model is also very simple for an entrepreneur. After creating an account, entrepreneurs directly receive a feedback from FundedByMe, which calculates the risk grade based on the enterprise’s financial history. Depending on it, the exact interest rate of the potential loan is set down. However, they are relatively cheap and because the whole procedure si 100% online, an entrepreneur may apply for a social loan whenever she or he wants.

Here you may find more information about loan-based crowdfunding for lenders and entrepreneurs.

The new peer-to-peer lending (crowdlending) offered by FundedByMe provides investors with high revenues and entrepreneurs with competitive interest rates, which are on average lower than in banks. The whole process is transparent and secure, thanks to the latest financial information provided by the two credit bureaus FundedByMe has a collaboration with. 

FundedByMe is now keeping its fingers crossed for the first crowdlending campaigns on the platform. You can also be a part of this history-changing moment: peer-to-peer lending.