Welcome Siri – FundedByMe’s new communications manager

Welcome Siri – FundedByMe’s new communications manager

There are a lot of new staff here at the FundedByMe office in Stockholm. This Tuesday Siri Andersson – our new communications manager, accompanied us. Siri will be working close with Susan Sjölund (currently on maternity leave) in order to spread the word about FundedByMe, share the stories with our entrepreneurs to the rest of the world. Exciting? That’s exactly what we think as well.

So, Siri, welcome to the world of crowdfunding! Tell us more about yourself: Who are you? Where have you been?

Oh, wow, the existential questions first? My name is Siri. I got here from a political organization where I worked as an Elections Manager. I wanted to become a cat rescuer when I was younger but I ended up with communications after doing marketing-PR at Berghs School of Communication.  I love creating campaigns and to get busy in my creative bubble!

Wait, cat rescuer?

I really don’t know what I was thinking – I’m allergic to cats.

 You’ve been here for 4 days now, what’s your first impression of FundedByMe from the inside?

Did you know that Swedes consume the most coffee in the world? I’ve read that so many times but I didn’t really believe it – until I joined FundedByMe. My consumption of coffee have reached levels no one could ever imagine! No, that’s a joke, this team is a world class composition of geniuses from all over the world. I’m super thrilled to be a part of this!

Communication Manager Siri Andersson


 We’re glad you’re here right now, but where are you in 20 years? What are your dreams?

Probably where Daniel Daboczy is sitting… Well, probably not. I hope I’m still working with communications and I’d love to empower more women to get in to the start-up-scene. I really do miss them!

Great having you onboard Siri, looking forward working with you!


Interns from Hyper Island improving our strategies

Interns from Hyper Island improving our strategies

Is there a official date where you can say; Now vacation is over? The speed in the office has been a little bit slow but not unproductive. I’m Kelly, one of the new interns here at FundedByMe. We are three people together as interns, from Hyper Island. FundedByMe has also been busy with hiring a loan-specialist and a designer, which we will introduce later on.

We are the interns: Danijela, Kelly and Johannes and we have studied Digital Data Strategy at Hyper Island in Stockholm. We are excited to be here. A digital data strategist learns how to use data, understand how to apply and take data driven decisions, focus on what impacts it has, create marketing strategies. By that, using tools like google analytics, learn how to code websites, AB-testing and a lot more.

We decided together with FundedByMe to start early, already in June. We are here to help them analyzing data, get some new valuable and actionable insights and visualize campaigns. And we have already started to put together a communication plan and we are planning a lot of more fun stuff. FundedByMe and crowdfunding is growing a lot, both Sweden and abroad, so we see that all the help we can give is really valuable. We are enjoying  practicing and learning FundedByMe about our knowledge. Here is an small interview with us:

How do you like FundedByMe so far, being here for more than a month now?

Kelly: It has been really nice to join a company and get to know a company culture again after school. It has been calm during July so I am excited now when everybody is getting back.

Danijela: Yes, so more people can be involved to see what we are doing. It is always good to get more input from others.

Johannes: I love the company culture here. It has a genuine startup feel to it, in relation to the more stiff places i’ve been at in the past.

So, who are you? And what makes you such a great team?

Danijela: My background varies. I’m born and raised in Yugoslavia but I’ve lived in Sweden for 14 years now. I have a bachelor degree in Media Technology, complemented with photography courses in New York. What drives me the most is storytelling in different ways, and with my knowledge in data now it’s even more exciting.
What makes us a great team is actually a thing that could be seen as a weakness – the fact that we have similar interests and skills. When working with data the variety of tasks is huge and our strength lies in our mindset of being able to take any challenge with great enthusiasm that affects everyone around.

Kelly: I’m from north of Uppsala, studied packaging design between 2008-2010 and worked as a designer and running my own illustration company. I am a forward driven person with a positive attitude. I am also stubborn, which is both good and bad. Mostly good I would say. When I am curious about something new I won’t stop until I know everything I need to know about that particular topic.
We are all very honest people and that is really important as a team. Since we have worked with group dynamics, project management and how to solve conflicts at Hyper we have the tools we need to continue growing as a team.

Johannes: I have worked and studied in several fields, such as advertising, healthcare, entertainment and design. I love everything visual – photography, graphic design, video and such.
Also agree with Danijela and Kelly, but you know what also makes a good team? To have fun and encourage each others ideas and try them out.



What do you think is going to be the biggest change or impact you can do for FundedByMe?

Danijela: I hope we inspire them by our Hyper way, which means that we communicate a lot within the team and make sure to wrap up projects and reflect before we move to the next one. Also our data driven decisions  and work we have done so far, I hope we sat the stamp on how to continue working with data and stay curious.

Kelly: This communication plan is, by far, the most important thing right now. To increase readers to the blog that will later on generate more investors and entrepreneurs is what I am nervous about. I mean, to see that it really works, what we are doing. If our data research and hypotheses is giving any result. I believe that FundedByMe is already very much understandable around data but I hope we can give them tools that they can use.

Kelly Brofall


Johannes: I want people coming to FundedByMe to not only understand what it’s about, but feel the urge to participate. My greatest motivation lies within getting people to want to be a part of it. That’s why my focus is in culture, design and communication when I digest the data.


Do you think that 14 week is enough for all the work you are going to do?

Johannes: We hope and we aim for it!

Danijela: Time is never enough, so we working till our eyes drops down!

Kelly: We are working as hard and effective as we can, but its still so many new impressions and info to take in so you get tired because of that at the same time.


What do you drink then when you get tired?

Johannes: Coffee! I can’t even start to do a check-in before I had my coffee.

fundedbyme interns johannes aronsson
Johannes Aronsson

Check-in? What is that?

Danijela: We all start our morning with and telling everyone how we feel and what we are going to bring to the team today. It puts everyone on the same page, so we know how everyone feels. We learned that during Hyper and I think its great way to start the day.

Danijela Froki

Cool, so do you also need a coffee before you can do that?

Danijela: No thats alright, but if I am tired on a day I really crave for a Frappuccino from Espresso house.

Kelly: I don’t really drink coffee, but a cold coca-cola that has been standing, open, in the fridge during the night. But, It’s kind of a hustle to fix if I am tired one day.

What are you looking forward to right now?

Johannes: Continue working!

Kelly: Yea, we have so much to do.

Danijela: Like, writing for this blog.


We are grateful to be here, and we like it a lot. We hope that the autumn does not go too fast now. 14 weeks may sound a lot, and then all of a sudden, the next week is here.


To do is better than just planning for crowdfunding!

Every project-management course will tell you that a well-laid plan is critical when building a project. And that is of course true. But many dreams, projects or concepts are stopped in their movement because project managers tend to think that they need answers for every question. That they need to lay out the entire path and timeline. This is the stuff that kills dreams.

I have a tip for you when it comes to planning for crowdfunding – nothing strange, nothing unorthodox or radical. It´s simple. Get out there. Make the phone calls, take the meetings and listen. Nothing will teach you better about your project then real people. If they don´t get it, then you have to work on your pitch. If they don´t buy it, make them a better deal. But never, never think that sitting in a room or office, creating project plans will solve stuff.

And the last thing. If you know from the very beginning that your plan or project will change, will have to evolve and/or take a new course, then you will be prepared for the one thing that every project goes through, the one thing all projects or dream have in common;  what you start with and work towards is far from the final result.