Mikko Silventola – Chairman and founder from Frontier

Mikko profiilikuva

Introduce yourself – what is your background, passions, ‘day job’ and why did you move to Singapore?
My name is Mikko Silventola, and I am the Chairman of Frontier and Founder of Calcus Publishing Group. I invest my own and Frontier’s funds to interesting tech start-ups with global potential. My passion is in start-ups and helping to take them international. I lived in the Middle East for a year and while I was there, decided that Singapore will be the next destination. Singapore is a really great and an easy place to do business. In addition, the start-up scene is developing and there’s no such “bubble” mentality compared to Silicon Valley. Singapore is also a great hub for expanding businesses to other Southeast Asian countries. I haven’t told it to my wife yet, but we must stay here longer than expected – Singapore rocks!

How did you first get familiar with crowdfunding and why does it appeal to you?
I think it was from Kickstarter back in the days when they were pretty much in the media. I also liked the idea that individuals could easily back campaigns and get involved in the interesting start-up scene.

Which campaigns(s) on FundedByMe did you invest in? What made you want to get involved?
I invested into danish WriteReader which improves Children´s literacy skills. I think their team was good and their product was interesting. Also, a good meeting with FundedByMe Singapore team got me convinced and I wanted to learn how the crowdfunding process really works.

What do you expect to get out of these investments in the long run?
Hopefully some returns, and I would like to get to know the team and their plans behind WriteReader in the future.

What is the most important tip you’d give other investors considering crowdfunding?
Have a careful look at the teams behind the investment opportunities. All (operating) founders must be 110% involved into the business.

Are there any new investment rounds on FundedByMe that you have your eyes on at the moment?
Actually I am waiting for the first cases from Singapore to be launched on the platform!