Estimating crowdfunding reward delivery dates

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on rewards for crowdfunding campaigns.

Rewards fulfilment is probably the most challenging part of crowdfunding, because from the moment you launch, everyday its’ a race against time to get perks out your door, and into your backers hands. There are just too many unforeseen variables for reward delivery.

Here are just some examples:

  • Manufacturer parts are incorrect or not working
  • Shipping, or material costs increase unexpectedly
  • Delivery parcels get stopped at customs inspection checkpoints
  • Inability to fulfil rewards in time due to manufacturer delays

Getting overfunded is a good thing, but along with it comes the additional work of managing backers and fulfilling the additional rewards needed. You’ll need to buffer in additional time for all these, and have plan B contingencies in place to deal with them.

So it’ll do you good to triple the original length of time you’ve planned for rewards to be fulfilled. If you’ve originally forecasted that 3D printer to ship in 6 months, set the estimated delivery date 1.5 years later instead. This will help properly manage your backers expectations early on.

Basically under promise, over deliver.