33 million people in the room – Juliette Powell

33 million people in the room – Juliette Powell

33 Million People in the RoomEntrepreneurs and ideas come in all shapes and forms. Some will make it because they have a niche, others because it because the market is huge and others will make it because their passion is endless. But the only key to making it in any market – with any idea – is to spend time and tell everybody.

According to Juliette Powell, the equation is quite simple. If you tell 100 people and only two end up supporting you or buying your product, then telling 1,000 might bring in 20 supporters. And since we live in this amazing period in time with social media never far away, it´s never been easier to reach out.

In the amazing book “33 Million People in the Room” by Juliette Powell this is calculated quite smartly.

“…Let´s go to a restaurant and say that between you and your lunch partner, and all contacts in both of your phones, you have a network of 25 individuals. According to Reed´s Law, the amount of possible conenctions and subgroups within your group of 25 individuals is an astonishing 33 million people in the room.”

Reed’s Law says that every new person on a network doubles its value. Adding 10 people, by this reasoning, increases its value a thousandfold.

By knowing this, you obviously understand that you have to increase your network. But not only that, you have to make this work for you.

1. Let your network know about your project. Email friends, post on Facebook, put up flyers in your neighbourhood, ask your family to tell all their contacts.

2. Ask your network to work for you. Ask them to spread the word. Ask them to tell at least four people about your project and convince them it´s worth their support.

3. Join Facebook groups that might either be interested in your project or might be interested in you. Tell your story.

4. Don´t forget to ask for action. That means that it´s not enough that people say they like your idea, or click on the “like” button. Ask them to click and donate or invest.

To summarize: Do your legwork and make sure that many people know about your project.