Interview with Spanish Investor, Jose Luis Minguez

Interview with Spanish Investor, Jose Luis Minguez

Introduce yourself – what is your background, passions and ‘day job’?

My name is Jose Luis Minguez and I was born in Bilbao, a middle-size warm and cozy city in the northern coast of Spain. Married to Maria, no kids. Ten years ago we moved to Barcelona for professional reasons.

My academic background is a degree in Chemical Engineering. I have been working for the same employer since 22 years ago, a multinational company in the chemical manufacturing industry. My job covers the field of environmental management. Working in an international atmosphere has allowed me develop an open-minded spirit and improve my language skills.

My passions are finance, both in the field of analysis and as an active trader of equities and derivatives; science & technology; the on-line world, especially new business models and tools.
I am fascinated by innovation and trends, trying to spot “the next big thing” (imagine investing in Google or Amazon at their inception?)
And, as “less serious” hobbies, I love good meal and wines, being with friends and sport cars extreme driving experiences.

How did you first get familiar with crowdfunding and why does it appeal to you?

Crowdfunding literally “showed up” on my screen while my usual web diving through financial and business websites.
Of course, my first contact was with classical reward-based crowdfunding.
But finding equity crowdfunding was kind of discovering a hidden treasure. The dream of every “wanna-be-entrepreneur-but-never-dared-to”! Suddenly, I was able to participate in the initial development of a start-up as a micro-investor. And I had plenty of opportunities to do so! So I digged and invested in different platforms, and finally I came across FundedbyMe.

Which project(s) on FundedByMe did you invest in? What made you want to get involved?

I have requested shares for the following projects on FundeByMe. For the time being, all of them are either in open round phase or pending for funds transfer.

Brokerstars: In my opinion, the mix of social on-line gaming plus financial world may be explosive.

Samastah: The world is moving towards a downsizing trend, in which wellbeing is not measured just by wealth. The variety of concepts and products developed around this view make this project very appealing.

I like locals: An innovative app for active travelers who are seeking for original ways of discovering the cities they visit, far from the typical tourist.

Yescredit: Credit crunch during the financial crisis has proved that innovative solutions in the microfinance industry are needed. Moreover, Estonia is the best example in its transition to a free market economy and I expect great things happening in this country in the following decades.

And, finally, FundedByMe: What else to add? My talk with Miguel Angel Trujillo, Spain country manager, convinced me (if I was not already!) that FBM is one of the best positioned European platforms for the equity crowdfunding exponential growth in the following years. Figures are proving we are right.

I also signed up for Frily and Kippy, which unfortunately did not get their funding target and did not get through. I wish their entrepreneur teams find the necessary capital to make these promising startups a profitable reality.

What do you expect to get out of these investments on the long run?

Of course, what we all expect is the highest return on our investment, either by dividend or through acquisition by another big player in its industry.
But there is always more than just creating wealth. I think that, in the deepest of my entrepreneurial mindset, I feel excited by the possibility of closely following the full development of a company in its way from a start-up to an established successful company, and what I can learn from it for potential personal ventures.

What is the most important tip you’d give other investors considering crowdfunding?

First of all, do your homework: do your own research.
This is all about kind of becoming micro venture capitalists, so we must behave almost like professional VCs.

This is not an easy-money new thing. Be psychologically and financially prepared to lose all your investment. Make small investments only with money you can afford to lose.
But, at the same time, dream of a 50x or 100x investment. These things happen from time to time in the VC world so, why not to us?

Are there any new investment rounds on FundedByMe that you have your eyes on at the moment?

1st Move and Rentecarlo sound very appealing to me. Both clean technologies and the so-called “collaborative economy” are great drivers in emerging trends. Let´s hope regulators do not interfere too much!