Building a Stockholm startup eco-system

Sweden ranks number one in the world’s first ever Web Index. Designed and produced by the World Wide Web Foundation, the Web Index is the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s growth, utility and impact on people and nations. This connectivity, together with a global mindset, have made Sweden the birthplace of an impressive list of Stockholm startup names like SpotifyWrappSkypeiZettleRebtelPricerunner – and of course FundedByMe.

Although many great companies originate from Stockholm it is still lacking a sustainable ecosystem for startups. Many Stockholm startups have left the country for different reasons. Skype quickly moved to Luxembourg and Soundcloud found a new haven in Berlin almost directly after they were founded.


Even though tying employment to options leads to exorbitant taxes this is not the sole reason for successful Stockholm startups to leave. As this factor is key into securing talent to work with, many more factors are driving these decisions. Stockholm has a serious housing problem (especially when you work for a lean startup), cost of living is relatively high and therefore Stockholm does not attract a lot of startups from abroad.

Why would we pursue the same startup culture as one might experience in New York? Because it is important. It took us a while to figure out what living and working in different startup hubs would do to us, but after a few meetups and lunches with fellow entrepreneurs it all became clear. Low-key get togethers made us look at our work from a entirely new perspective. We were amazed by how easy it was to meet people, and more so how easy people want to talk about their experiences. People work hard to become part of the tech community, it is not easy .. but something good is worth working for.

We can bring this startup culture to the Nordics! At FundedByMe we try hard to bring people together and love to see how this influences businesses and decision making processes. Our monthly meetups are a great example of this. We can give you a lot of advice, but in regards to this we’d just like to say: “Meet People”

Join our Meetup group here and join us in bringing people together!

FundedByMe re-launches Equity Crowdfunding

FundedByMe Equity

Just a few days ago, after weeks of coding and testing, we re-launched our site. The most obvious difference is our shifted focus towards Equity Crowdfunding, catering to future startups with a very powerful tool to manage campaigns, shareholders and legal matters.

Crowdfunding has been around for a while, centuries actually, but will only in 2013 really take-off into super overdrive. It is probably one of the business models which makes the most sense, where some people might have plenty of money left to spend on small investments others are full of great ideas and in desperate need of funding. Puzzling is much easier with a lot of small pieces.

Where we live in a society which is rapidly moving away from the traditional corporate structures and in which we more and more started embracing small and young initiatives many entrepreneurs have a hard time landing a serious round of funding as there are simply not enough traditional investors to fill the need! This however should not be a reason for stopping this movement away from the traditional corporation, and that’s why equity crowdfunding is an essential part in this revolution.

There are other reasons to turn to equity crowdfunding as well. Being a young and small company it is often hard to own all knowledge needed to start and grow your company, many different small investors however allow you to take on a wide range of talent in all fields where you are missing out initially.

We have run a first campaign with Virtuous Vodka, a brand who has chosen to use FundedByMe for two main reasons:

1) Get market validation and turn every small investor into a brand ambassador
2) to source all the knowledge which all investors own together, ranging from online marketing to development.