Stormfors Digital Agency on the crowdfunding creative process

Stormfors Digital Agency - the key to crowdfunding success

A while back FundedByMe was faced with a brand identity. We had grown fast and the brand needed a new identity. Our in-house team started looking for the right partner to help us identify the right crowdfunding creative process, tighten the screws and create a brand that would build trust, excite our crowd and help entrepreneurs find their audiences. We decided to partner with Stormfors, one of Stockholm’s leading digital agencies, and the result blew us away. We asked Stormfors to share their process with you. Below you’ll find an interview with the team from Stormfors – and be sure to view their beautiful presentation of the crowdfunding creative process here.

The industry of crowdfunding has grown exponentially since its inception, largely thanks to the viral power of storytelling. People have become experts in ignoring ads and banners.

But when commercial messages are woven into a story, you just can’t help getting sucked in.

Crowdfunding stories are even more relatable thanks to their inspiring and ambitious David and Goliath nature and because you can actively become a part of creating the story’s happy ending. The basic principles of storytelling success can be harnessed in all online communication.

The Stockholm-based digital agency Stormfors have successfully turned their business offer into storytelling, with interactive, in-depth case studies. These case studies vividly illustrate the process of how Stormfors are strengthening their clients digital brands. Click below to see an example and learn how Stormfors boosted FundedByMe.

Stormfors crowdfunding creative process