Welcome to Sweden, Kickstarter. We have a gift for you!

Welcome to Sweden, Kickstarter. We have a gift for you!

Finally! You’re here! Now we are two major forces building awareness on crowdfunding in Sweden and The Nordics; Kickstarter.com and FundedByMe.comIf you want to read the story on how Kickstarter turned our idea down and why we started FundedByMe please read what Forbes writes here: “How Kickstarter’s loss became Sweden’s gain

Ever since 2010 when Kickstarter, then still in a very infant stage, declined our submission to fund one of our ideas we’ve been hoping that they would realize the full potential of Sweden, The Nordics and Europe. We decided already back in 2010 that this market needs a crowdfunding alternative and we launched our first version of our crowd investment platform in march 2011.

Since then we’ve seen som many amazing ideas, creatives, entrepreneurs, companies, storys, investments and successes. We’ve grown to 18 employees, have offices in 8 countries and see our selves as part of the top sites on equity crowdfunding. We actually owe Kickstarter a big “thank you for turning our other idea down”, because that inspired us to build FundedByMe.

In September 2012 we finally chose our path and saw the future of crowdfunding. We do love Kickstarter and reward-based crowdfunding but true participation is: Ownership. Since September 2012 we our main focus is on funding companies rather than gadgets and we offer reward-based crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and will soon be launching the final third leg peer-to-peer lending or social lending. (Or, actually peer-to-company lending.)

Both entrepreneurs and investors are starved of investment alternatives and thats why we are building a one-stop-shop to fund companies. Having offices in 7 european countries and one in Singapore gives us an edge since we see that more and more people invest from different corners of the world – and that shows us that Internet has truly democratized the world of financing and funding. 

So, when we are asked how we feel that Kickstarter opens in Sweden, we truly and honestly welcome them  and hope that we can find ways to collaborate on educating this market since we actually do not compete but rather complement each other.

Daniel Daboczy,
CEO and co -founder of FundedByMe


P.S. I almost forgot about the gift I was writing about! Here it goes: We saw that someone had snatched the domain name kickstarter.se and we grabbed it for you. If you want it – please let us know!