The Crowdfunding Bible – top tips for crowdfunding entrepreneurs

Not everyone has the brand and name recognition of Mick Jagger or Steve Jobbs. So how does your crowdfunding campaign get funding when nobody knows who you are or what you are capable of? Games journalist and tech writer Scott Steinberg may have the answer you seek in his wonderfully researched book on the art of crowdfunding called “The Crowdfunding Bible: How to Raise Money for Any Startup, Video Game or Project.”

The crowdfunding bible - tips for entrepreneurs

The book gives readers the inside track on the best practices for getting your reward-based crowdfunding campaign funded through crowdfunding services and his tips include crafting the perfect pitch that will get the attention of the right people, creating the best rewards for funders, advice on the best way to market and promote your project outside your crowdfunding platform, and expert advice from those individuals who have found the most success in getting funded. There are some great case studies and really helpful tips.

Best news? You can download this amazing resource for free via So, what are you waiting for?